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About Us: Faculty and Staff


Ryan BebejRyan Bebej
Assistant Professor

Office: DeVries Hall 211

Curt BlankespoorCurt Blankespoor

Office: DeVries Hall 123

Hessel Bouma IIIHessel Bouma III

Office: DeVries Hall 221

Randy De JongRandall DeJong
Associate Professor

Office: DeVries Hall 109

David DornbosDavid Dornbos
Associate Professor

Office: DeVries Hall 205

Keith GrasmanKeith Grasman

Office: DeVries Hall 103

Arlene HoogewerfArlene Hoogewerf
Professor, Department Chair

Faculty Profile
Office: DeVries Hall 101

David KoetjeDavid Koetje

Office: DeVries Hall 105

Rich NyhofRichard Nyhof

Office: DeVries Hall 111

Darren ProppeDarren Proppe
Assistant Professor

Office: DeVries Hall 207

Anding ShenAnding Shen
Associate Professor

Office: DeVries Hall 209

Peter TigchelaarPeter Tigchelaar

Office: DeVries Hall 107

John UbelsJohn Ubels

Office: DeVries Hall 213

Randy Van DragtRandall Van Dragt

Office: DeVries Hall 113

Dave WarnersDavid Warners

Office: DeVries Hall 125

John WertzJohn Wertz
Associate Professor

Office: DeVries Hall 131

Amy WilstermannAmy Wilstermann
Associate Professor

Office: DeVries Hall 129

Adjunct/Part-time Faculty

Crystal BarrettCrystal Barrett
Adjunct/Part-time Faculty


Office: DeVries Hall 127

Yaw BediakoYaw Bediako
Adjunct/Part-time Faculty

Phyllis PennockPhyllis Pennock
Adjunct/Part-time Faculty

Office: North Hall 260

Kate RowbothamKate Rowbotham
Adjunct/Part-time Faculty

Doug Vander LaanDoug Vander Laan
Adjunct/Part-time Faculty

Cathy WiesnerCathy Wiesner
Adjunct/Part-time Faculty

Office: DeVries Hall 100


Visiting Scholar

Garrett Crow

Garrett Crow
Visiting Scholar

Office: DeVries Hall 120


Pat Buist

Pat Buist
Administrative Assistant

Office: DeVries Hall 100

Mary DekkerMary Dekker
Research Technician
Office: DeVries Hall 212

Jeanette Henderson

Jeanette Henderson
Ecosystem Preserve Program Manager

Office: Bunker Interpretive Center 108B

Lori KeenLori Keen
Laboratory Services Manager

Office: 203 DeVries Hall

Scott Prentice

Scott Prentice
Laboratory Equipment Technician

Office: 212 DeVries Hall

Mike RyskampMike Ryskamp
Project Manager for Plaster Creek Stewards
Acting Director of Native Landscapes

Office: Science Building 180

Mark SchotanusMark Schotanus
Research Technician

Office: DeVries Hall 216


Faculty research and scholarship

Ryan Bebej studies the evolution and paleontology of whales and other aquatic mammals, focusing on the evolution of vertebral function and aquatic locomotion.

Curt Blankespoor is working on host-parasite interactions, student-centered learning pedagogies, animal behavior and entomology.

Hessel Bouma III is working on Christian perspectives on biomedical ethics in intersexuality. Funded through Templeton, CCCU and Calvin College.

Randy DeJong is studying the interactions of Schistosoma parasites with their snail hosts as well as aquatic invertebrate ecology. Funded by Calvin College.

David Dornbos researches the physiological basis of the invasion of non-native plants as it relates to ecosystem restoration and quantification of the carbon assimilation on greenspace. Funded by Pierce Cedar Creek Institute and Calvin College.

Keith Grasman studies the effects of environmental pollutants on the health of fish eating birds - gulls, terns and herons of the Great Lakes and loons in the Adirondack Mountains. Funded by the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the Wildlife Conservation Society.

Arlene Hoogewerf studies bacteria and how they form communities called biofilms. Funded by NIH AREA grant and Merck AAAS.

David Koetje is working on curricular and pedagogical innovations in biology introductory courses; integrating agro ecological and biotechnological perspectives to promote sustainable agriculture. Funded by Calvin College.

Richard Nyhof studies heart muscle cell adrenergic receptor activity and calcium channel activity in regulating glucose membrane transport.

Darren Proppe is studying how noise from human development is effecting animal communication, behavior, and distribution. He works primarily with songbirds.

Anding Shen studies immune cells called T cells which are the major target of HIV. She is investigating why it is so difficult to eradicate HIV. Funded by Calvin College and outside collaboration.

John Ubels is working on the physiology and cell biology of the lacrimal gland and corneal epithelium. Funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Alcon Laboratories.

Randy Van Dragt's research topics are Pacific lowland prairie restoration, plant succession on abandoned oil well sites in northern Michigan, and forest succession of the Calvin College Ecosystem Preserve. Funded by Au Sable Institute, The Nature Conservancy, and Calvin College.

Dave Warners is working on restoration of deciduous forest ecosystems, systematics and evolution in asters, poplars and birches, as well as engaging faith communities in creation care. Funded by the Calvin Center for Christian Scholarship and Calvin College.

John Wertz studies microbial communities in the guts of termites as well as the study of function of microerophiles in health and disease in the human intestine. Funded by outside collaborators and Calvin College.

Amy Wilstermann investigates the interactions between topoisomerase II and DNA and between topoisomerase II and drugs that target the enzyme. Funded by Calvin College.