At Calvin, you will have many opportunities on campus to team up with professors on cutting-edge research projects. In 2014, the science summer research program supported 24 students doing full-time research on topics that include the effects of pollution on Great Lakes waterbrids, characterizing the gut bacteria of cephalote ants and how HIV remains as a latent reservoir in resting T helper cells in patients who have undergone antiretroviral therapy.

Biology professors receive extensive funding from sources such as the National Science Foundation and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute to support research. This allows them to involve students in these projects as paid assistants during the summer and throughout the year. Explore their projects and opportunities to get involved below.

Research Opportunities at Calvin

Quick Facts

Current and past research and scholarship

The Effects of Sound on Songbird Behavior and Management 2013–to present Darren Proppe HHMI, MDEQ Clean Water Act 319 Funding, Plaster Creek Watershed Restoration Project, Pierce Cedar Creek
Effects of pollution on Great Lakes colonial water birds 2000–Present Keith Grasman US Fish and Wildlife Service, Jansma Fund, Star Talen Fellowship
HTMAD: Software Design for MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry-Based Microbial Community Analysis 2011–2013 John Wertz, Serita Nelesen HHMI
Investigating the Role of Bacteria in the Premature Rupture of Fetal Membranes 2012–2013 Amy Wilstermann Harvey Rozema Fellowship
Investigating the Antimicrobial Effects of the Non-Toxic Microbiocide SafeWaterDrops 2011–2013 Arlene Hoogewerf SafeWaterDrops, LLC
Biofilm Bacteria and Their Mechanisms to Evade Host Cell Defenses 2006–2010 Arlene Hoogewerf National institutes of Health grant and Calvin College Science Division
Protection of the Cornea from UVB Radiation by Elevated Potassium in Tears 2007 John Ubels, Loren Haarsma National Institutes of Health, Den Ouden Fellowship
The Impact of 100+ Years of Growth and Development on the Flora of Grand Rapids and its Vacinity 2014 Garrett Crow, Dave Warners
Development and Evaluation of Artificial Tear and Contact Lens Solutions 2012 John Ubels Alcon Laboratories, Den Ouden Fellowship
Conspecific Attraction: Are Birds Attracted to Their Own Species Songs? 2014 Darren Proppe The Andrew Family Foundation, Calvin College Science Division
Investigating the Roles of Endothelial Cells on HIV Infection 2013-present Anding Shen
Investigation of Symbiotic Bacteria and Bacteriophages in Termites 2007 John Wertz Calvin College Science Division, Calvin Research Fellowships
Genomic and Niche Characterization of Bacteriophages in the Microbial Communities of the Aquatic Snails 2011 Randall DeJong Rosema Fellowship, Jansma Family Research Fund, HHMI
Dimensions: Identifying how the Ecological and Evolutionary Interactions between Host and Symbiont shape Holobiont Biodiversity 2013 John Wertz National Science Foundation
Restoring Native Habitats in Urban Landscapes 2010 Dave Warners, Gail Heffner Jansma Family Research Fund and William and Celia Dornbush DeVries Family Fellowship
Restoration of Native Plants and Habitats in Urban Areas Summer 2014 Dave Warners, Gail Heffner Calvin College Biology Department, Calvin College Science Division
Management of the Bear Creek Watershed 2012 Randall Van Dragt Great Lakes Innovative Stewardship through Education Network
Assessing Biology 224 & 225 2010 David Koetje, Herbert Fynewever, Amy Wilstermann
Effects of Climate Change on Flowering Period of Native Species at Flat Iron Lake Preserve 2007 Dave Warners Rottman Student Research Fellowship
Productivity of Switchgrass and Corn Grown in Specific Environments 2012 David Dornbos Pierce Cedar Creek Institute
Leveraging Laboratory Activities to Achieve STEM Education Reforms 2010 David Koetje, Herbert Fynewever National Science Foundation
Land Management of Calvin's Ecosystem Preserve 2014 Randall Van Dragt Ecosystem Preserve, Cargill Environmental Science Grant
Restoration of Coastal Outwash Prairie on Whidbey Island, Washington 2011 Randall Van Dragt Cargill Environmental Science Grant
Comprehensive Swimmer's Itch Control Program 2014 Curtis Blankespoor
Propagating Native Plants for Conservation and Restoration 2005 Dave Warners Cargill Foundation, Biology Department
Cancer Curriculum Initiative 2013 Amy Wilstermann Mr. and Mrs. Richard Haworth and HHMI Foundation Grant
Host Parasite Interactions 2014 Curtis Blankespoor, John Ubels
Evolution of Modern Whales 2013 Ryan Bebej The William H. and Celia I. Dornbush DeVries Family Student Research Fellowship
HIV as a Latent Reservoir in Resting T Helper Cells 2009 Anding Shen
Phage Research Ongoing
Restoring a Degraded Stream: Reconciliation Ecology in the Plaster Creek Watershed 2009 Dave Warners, Gail Heffner Plaster Creek Watershed Restoration Project, MDEQ
Flat Iron Lake 2011 Randall Van Dragt Rottman Student Research Fellowship
Potential for Woody Invasive Plants to Produce Biomass for Ethanol and Improve Soil Quality 2010 David Dornbos HHMI, Visser Fellowship
Potential Value of Autumn Olive as a Tool to Restore Degraded Soils 2011 David Dornbos HHMI
Specificity of Frankia Bacteria in Symbiosis with Native Speckled Alder and Non-Native Autumn Olive 2013 David Dornbos, John Wertz HHMI
Research Opportunities
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