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Faculty Reports

Externship experiences

Faculty members who have participated in an externship have benefitted from the experience, as outlined in the reports linked below.

Keith VanderLinden
, Computer Science, Siemens-Dematic, Summer-Fall 2002

Earl Fife, Mathematics, Computer Products & Services, Fall 2002

Robert Hoeksema,Engineering, Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr, and Huber, Academic Year 2003-2004

Scott Vander Linde
, Economics & Business, Grand Valley Health Corporation, Fall 2004

Randall Brouwer
, Engineering, Intel Corporation, Fall 2004

Leonard De Rooy, Engineering, URS Corp., Spring and May 2005-August 2006

Jeremy Frens, Computer Science, Atomic Object, Spring 2006

Paulo Ribeiro, Engineering, Center for Advanced Power Systems (CAPS), Florida State University, September 2006-August 2007

Jennifer Holberg, English, Internship Enhancement for English majors, Summer 2011

David Wunder, Engineering, Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr, and Huber, Summer 2011