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About the CRC Periodical Index

This database was created and is currently maintained by Hekman Library staff and volunteers from around North America. The CRCPI is an index to periodicals which are official publications of the Christian Reformed Church or its institutions, or periodicals which have a significant number of contributors who are affiliated with the CRC or its institutions.

Periodicals Indexed: (NOTE)
Banner (1907 - current), Banner of Truth (1866 - 1906)
Calvin Seminary Forum (1994 - current, complete)
Calvin Spark (1954 - current, complete)
Calvinist Contact
Calvin Theological Journal (1966 - current, complete)
Christian Educators Journal (1961 - current, complete)
Christian Home and School (1932 - 2001), Christian School Magazine (1922 - 1931)
Christian Renewal (1982 - 1996)
Church Observer (1960 - 1964)
Dialogue (1968 - current, complete, including all precursors)
DIS Magazine (1970 - current, complete)
Federation Messenger (1929 - 1991, complete)
Insight (1971 - 1986, complete), Young Calvinist (1920 - 1970, complete)
Missions and Missionaries, Missionary Monthly (1938 - 1944, 1962 - 2003)
Origins (1983 - current, complete)
Outlook (1971 - current, complete), Torch and Trumpet (1951 - 1971)
Perspectives (1991-current, complete), Reformed Journal, Calvin Forum
Pro Rege (1972 - current, complete)
Reformed Worship (1986 - current, complete)
Stromata (1956 - current, complete)
Voice of the Reformed (1992 - 2011, complete)

For more information on the content or on using this database, contact Anne Harrison, Theological Librarian.

Thanks to all who use this resource and provide us with feedback like the following:

"I am very excited about the list of articles I was able to add to my
reading list from [the CRCPI]...I am positive that all of your efforts in building this
database will be greatly valued and add much to many students' and scholars'
work. Thank you so very much for the tremendous work you and your
colleagues have put into this effort!"

Not all issues of the journals listed are completely indexed. CRCPI indexers are currently identifying and filling in the gaps.

For detailed information about this resource, please read the following:

Sennema, Greg �The Christian Reformed Church Periodical Index: A Local Solution to Indexing Periodicals,� Journal of Religious and Theological Information, vol. 5 (3/4) 2003 pp. 119-134.