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Calvinist Contact

The newspaper Calvinist Contact (1951-1992) was founded to serve Dutch immigrants to Canada, most of whom belonged to Reformed denominations. Many of the topics dealt with various aspects of the adjustment and integration of immigrants into Canadian society.

Another major concern was the Christian witness to society. Many of the immigrants had been under the influence of Abraham Kuyper, the most prominent neo-Calvinist in the Netherlands. Under his leadership the Dutch Reformed had organized Christian schools, labor organizations, political parties, newspapers, and other social organs. Much of the concern of the immigrants dealt with the question whether such organizations should and could be developed in Canada. A related issue was the relationship to the Christian Reformed Church. This denomination, begun in the USA in 1857 by Dutch immigrants, had grown into a flourishing church of 150,000 members by 1950 , known especially for its Christian school system and Calvin College and Seminary. Much of the discussion in Calvinist Contact dealt with the relationship between the Canadian Reformed immigrants and the Christian Reformed Church.

Initially the Calvinist Contact was written nearly completely in Dutch. By 1965 the language was about one half in Dutch and one half in English, and by 1975 nearly all in English. In 1992 it was renamed Christian Courier: A Reformed Weekly.



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