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Calvin Environmental Assessment Program (CEAP)
The Calvin Environmental Assessment Program (CEAP) encourages an ethic of service and care taking by helping students pay attention to that which is closest at hand—the air, wildlife, wetlands, and human communities that surround them.
CEAP is a strategy called for in Calvin College’s five year plan to improve the equipping of students to better serve as articulate and resourceful community leaders.
CEAP also highlights our interdependence with the local community. [learn more]
Plaster Creek Stewards
The Plaster Creek Stewards are the group of four Christian Reformed Churches and the CRCNA denominational offices who are committed to restoring the Plaster Creek watershed, which is the watershed in which their buildings and communities are located.
Student Sustainability Initiatives
2013 Kill-a-Watt Competition
2012 Kill-a-Watt Dorm Competition
2011 Kill-a-Watt Competition
Kill-a-Watt's Facebook page
Spring Lectures (2009)

News & Announcements

Sustainability Scorecard 2014 Download PDF
Last updated January 11, 2016
Spring CEAP Poster Session
May 10, 2018 3:30pm-5:00pm, CFAC Recital Hall
Keynote: "Keeping the Faith: Mobilizing Young Christians Toward Climate Action."
Speaker: Kyle Meyaard-Schaap of Young Evangelicals for Climate Action
Sustainability Scorecard 2013
Calvin College has received a $375,000 state grant to further research, education and restoration efforts in the Plaster Creek watershed.
Calvin Energy Recovery Fund's Latest Project: Change the Bulbs
The Calvin Energy Recovery Fund has retrofitted North Hall with new lighting that will save the college thousands.
Fall 2012 CEAP Poster Session
Spring 2012 CEAP Poster Session
Kill-a-Watt Sustainability Competition (2013)
In January 2013, the residence halls participated in Kill-a-watt, a creation care awareness program and energy competition.
Sustainability Across the Curriculum
Faculty Development Reading Group and Summer Workshop. (Summer 2012)
2011 Sustainability Summit Reportexternal link
Seminar Series on Global Hunger and Food Security (Fall 2011)

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