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Research Opportunities: Past research

2011 summer research

The Physics & Astronomy department had several research projects in summer 2011:


  • Asteroid Collisions (with L. Molnar)
  • Contact binary stars (with S. Steenwyk)

    • Professor Deb Haarsma and her student researchers, Nathan Harkema and David Sebald, studied the largest galaxies in the universe. Read more>>


Atomic physics and optics:

  • Computer modeling of double ionization of atoms by visible and infrared lasers (with S. Haan)
  • Experimental Studies of Pattern Formation in Dynamical Systems with Periodic Boundary Conditions (with M. Walhout)

Biophysics and interdisciplinary:

  • Optical and DSC Studies of Lipid-Sugar Phase Behavior (with P. Harper
  • Microscopy Measurements of Crystallization Kinetics (with P. Harper)
  • Developing a computer model of evolution of interlocking complexity in biology (with L. Haarsma)
  • Computer modeling evolution of a complex, interdependent, self-organized economy (with L. Haarsma, B. Haney of economics, and V. Norman of computer science)
  • Jonathan Wong worked with psychology professor Paul Moes and physics and astronomy professor Loren Haarsma doing electrophysiology experiments which study tissue slices from a mouse brain. See a video about their work.



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