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Emeriti: Gerry Van Kooten

Gerry Van Kooten


  • Hometown(s): Lynden, Washington & Anchorage, Alaska


  • Attended Calvin for two years and completed his BS in geology at the University of Washington, 1973
  • Earned a MS in Geology from Arizona State University, 1975
  • Received his PhD from the University of California at Santa Barbara, 1980

Professional Experience

  • Worked for 20+ years as a petroleum geologist and oil and gas consultant in Alaska
  • Studied recent volcanic rocks in Germany on a Fullbright Scholarship, has worked on the recovery of Prince William Sound in Alaska from a major oil spill, and has documented the role of natural oil seeps on the marine environment.
  • Joined the GEO faculty first in the fall of 2002 and on a permanent basis in 2004
  • Spends summers in Alaska working on Alaska energy projects and issues

Research Interests

  • Geochemistry applied to oil pollution and environmental recovery
  • Ammonite fossils and their sediment filling history
  • Coal resources in Alaska
  • Geology of the Alaska North Slope

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Gerry Van Kooten