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Faculty: Ralph Stearley

Ralph Stearley


  • 2014. Stearley, R. F., and G. R. Smith. “Salmons, trout and char of the Miocene Chalk Hills and Pliocene Glenns Ferry Lakes on the Snake River Plain, Idaho and Oregon.” Abstracts of the Workshop on Late Cenozoic to Recent Geologic and Biotic History of the Snake River, March 24-26, Pocatello, Idaho.
  • 2013. Stearley, R. F. “The Cambrian explosion: how much bang for the buck?” Review essay, Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith 65 (4):245-257.
  • 2012. Stearley, R. F. “What I wish my pastor knew: about rocks, fossils, and the evidences for geologic time.” Chapter 11 in D. B. Haarsma and S. Hoezee, eds., Delight in Creation: Scientists Share their Work with the Church. Grand Rapids, Michigan, Center for Excellence in Preaching.
  • 2009. Stearley, R. F. "Assessing evidences for the evolution of human cognitive platform for "soulish behaviors". Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith 61 (3):152-174.
  • 2008. Young, D. A., and R. F. Stearley. The Bible, Rocks and Time. Inter-Varsity Press, 510 pp., Calvin Funded
    project—Calvin Center for Christian Scholarship.
  • 2006. Stearley, R.F. Calvin College Paleontology Laboratory Manual, illustrated by Jody Brown. Grand Rapids, Michigan, Calvin College.


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