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Academics: Majors


French courses that satisfy core requirements:

The Foreign Language Core requirement is fulfilled by French 113 and French 202.
The Cross-Cultural Engagement Core requirement is fulfilled by the W60, W80 Interim abroad courses, or by the Study in France (STFR) 330 course.
The Literature Core requirement is fulfilled by French 351 or French 361.
The Global and Historical Studies Core requirement is fulfilled by French/STFR 362 or French/STFR 363.
The Arts Core requirement is fulfilled by French 375.
The Integrative Studies core requirement is fulfilled by French 394, 395, or 396.

French courses counting as electives in other programs:

The African and African Diaspora Studies minor: French 362 and French 363.
The Gender Studies Minor: French 374.
The Film and Media Studies Major: French 375.
The International Development Studies major and minor: French 362 and French 363.
The Interdisciplinary Minor in Linguistics: French 372.
The Medieval Studies minor: French 394.

French major

31 semester hours


French elementary/secondary education major

31 semester hours

Note: Students intending to qualify for secondary endorsement must take IDIS 357 before student teaching.

Note: Students intending to qualify for the K-12 endorsement must take the secondary major and will spend part of the student teaching semester in an elementary setting and part in a secondary setting. They much also take both IDIS 356 and 357 before student teaching.

Certification, testing, and internships for education majors and minors

In order to qualify for the elementary or secondary teaching internship in French, all major and minor students are expected to pass, prior to the teaching internship, two tests and an oral proficiency interview:

  • The Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC).
  • The Calvin departmental French competency examination prior to the teaching internship. This examination is offered twice each school year. Please contact the chair of the department for more information.
    • French education majors and minors must obtain a minimum score of 80%.
  • As of 2007-2008, French education majors are required to take an external oral proficiency interview in order to be certified. A ranking of Advanced-Low on the ACTFL Proficiency Scale constitutes the minimum required level of proficiency.
  • To be admitted to the teacher education program, a student must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 in the courses required for the major and/or minor.
  • For details and for information on cost and scheduling contact the French department chairperson, Jolene Vos-Camy.
  • Additional criteria for approval for the teacher education program are found in the Teacher Education Program Guidebook.

Note: Directed teaching in French is available only during the spring semester.

Take classes abroad

All French education majors must complete the study in France program (15 hours): STFR 315, 316, 381, 330, 361, 362, 363.

Note: STFR 361, 362, 363 may fulfill either the francophone world course requirement or serve as an elective. Only one of these three courses will be taught in a particular semester abroad