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Study religion

The religion department offers 45 semester-long courses and five major and minor programs.


Check out courses to fulfill core requirements, courses in biblical studies, courses in theological studies and courses in religious studies.

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Religion major

This ten-course major is designed to give you a background in biblical, theological and religious studies to prepare you for a broad range of careers, including Christian ministry.

Secondary education religion major

This ten-course major equips you to teach religion in high school.

Interdisciplinary majors

Interdisciplinary majors in religion and other disciplines, such as philosophy, history, or sociology, may be designed around an integrated academic field of study.

Religion minor

This six-course minor in religion will help you develop a biblical and theological perspective for work in other academic disciplines and for Christian service.

Secondary education religion minor

This seven-course minor equips you to teach religion in high school.

Ministry Leadership minor (Missions)

The religion department is eager to serve students with interests in Christian missions. Calvin College offers a Ministry Leadership minor through the Department of Congregational and Ministry Studies. This minor can be usefully combined with any major offered by the college, including but not limited to a Religion major.

Students particularly interested in the Bible, theology and religious studies in relation to missions are advised to select a Religion major program along with a Ministry Leadership minor with an emphasis in missions. This minor builds upon key biblical and theological foundations in order to explore to sociological and practical dimensions of Christian missions, culminating in an internship experience.



Learn more about how to achieve honors in religion at Calvin.

Writing requirement

Fulfill your Calvin core writing requirement within your religion major.