See the results of a Calvin education

When they go out into the world, Calvin graduates are ready to handle far more than successful careers. Though the numbers show that members of the class of 2014 were employed and accepted to graduate school at exceptionally-high rates (see below), the numbers tell only part of the story.

The real result of a Calvin education is this: graduates who want to expand their capacity to care, to get involved in their churches and communities, and to love God with mind, heart and soul.

Calvin grads are people who desire to join God’s work everywhere and in everything: in their neighborhoods, among their friends and around the world.

This means that at Calvin, your passions, your dreams and your talents will meet a heart and mind education grounded in firm Christian conviction and shaped in a strong Christian community. You will be challenged to expand your mind, mature in your beliefs and cultivate a virtuous life that honors God by blessing you neighbor.

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Quick Facts
  • 99%

    of 2014 grads are employed or are in graduate school

  • 85.2%

    of all Calvin students participate in at least one internship/practicum

  • Top 5%

    Calvin’s ranking among baccalaureate colleges whose graduates go on to earn PhDs

How Calvin prepares its graduates for the world

Calvin prepares students to be world ready by:

  • Promoting the kind of deep, critical thinking skills that employers look for in new hires.
  • Giving students a broad liberal arts education that makes graduates insightful about a wide range of topics, including pressing issues facing our world.
  • Providing experiential learning opportunities, including consulting projects, research and service-learning that give students real work experience.
  • Hosting job fairs, networking receptions and on-site interviews for post-graduation jobs.
  • Connecting students and recent graduates to a huge network of alumni who are successful in their fields.
  • Developing a set of core virtues that promote the kind of ethical behavior sought out by employers.
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