Student Life at Calvin

Bring all that you are to Calvin—your passions, gifts and questions—and be part of something much bigger. With so many ways to get involved, you’ll be sure to find a community of people who will help you grow as a whole person. In the residence halls, student organizations, service-learning opportunities and so much more, take a path that leads to living wholeheartedly in everything you do.

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  • Naomi Hamilton


    Graduation Year: 2015
    Hometown: Amelia Island, Florida
    Major: BA in Information Systems

    Naomi discovered Calvin through the Entrada program, where she prepared for success in college. Now she's pursuing a degree in information systems and hopes to work in the corporate world someday. When she's not in class, she is an ambassador in the MSDO office, a Martin Luther King leader, a volunteer and Dance Guild enthusiast.

  • Jeremy Smith


    Graduation Year: 2015
    Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan

    Jeremy is the epitome of a savvy Calvin student. He is a friendly face on campus and is willing to talk to everyone. He was a resident assistant, and is looked up to by many people. He is passionate about his faith and openly discusses it with anyone who wants to listen.

  • Miriam Rienstra


    Graduation Year: 2015
    Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan
    Major: Biochemistry

    Mia has spent her first few years at Calvin establishing herself as both an athlete and an academic. Tackling the pre-med track is no easy task, but Mia balances her studies by being a member of the track & field team. This balance has helped her succeed in both endeavors.

  • Joshua Wright


    Graduation Year: 2016
    Hometown: Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania
    Major: Engineering

    Joshua came to Calvin because of the reputation of its engineering program. So far, he is loving the education he is receiving, along with the wonderful friends he is making.

  • Grace Stoffer


    Graduation Year: 2015
    Hometown: Oak Park, Illinois
    Major: Education - Early Childhood

    Grace has spent much of her time at Calvin exploring the great outdoors through wilderness trips and outdoor activities. She is pursuing her passion for the great outdoors by getting involved in the many opportunities that Calvin provides for its students to explore the kingdom, on and off campus.