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Weddings: Planning Checklist

Easy Checklist for Your Perfect Wedding
Reprinted from the West Michigan Bride Planner Publication

Nine months before the wedding

  • Announce your engagement
  • Discuss the formality, size, and location of the wedding/reception with both families
  • Set the wedding date and time
  • Meet with clergyman or judge to confirm date and time
  • Reserve site for the ceremony

Eight months to go

  • Discuss wedding budget with your parents
  • Determine the approximate number of guests
  • Reserve reception site
  • Select wedding and engagement rings and arrange for engraving

Seven months to go

  • Have your engagement party
  • Begin making your guest list
  • Discuss honeymoon plans
  • Begin shopping for wedding attire

Five months to go

  • Talk to the wedding official and organist about music, decorations and procedure at the ceremony
  • Select readings and music for the ceremony
  • Select music for the reception
  • Schedule rehearsal dinner
  • Get a list of services and menu possibilities from the caterer or other reception contact

Four months to go

  • Register at gift and department stores
  • Meet with the caterer or club manager to plan reception details
  • Meet with florist, photographer and baker
  • Complete honeymoon plans and make hotel and travel reservations
  • Make doctor and dental appointments
  • Shop for your trousseau

Three months to go

  • Order invitations, announcements and other stationery
  • Select attire for the groom and groomsmen
  • Confirm delivery dates of all attire and schedule fittings from bridal and
    bridesmaids' gowns
  • Purchase wedding album and guest books
  • Schedule wedding portrait

Two months to go

  • Address invitations
  • Select bridesmaids' and groomsmen's gifts
  • Have formal bridal portraits taken
  • Make lodging arrangements for out-of-town guests and attendants
  • Arrange transportation for bridal part to and from the ceremony and reception sites
  • Coordinate menu plan from the rehearsal dinner with the groom's family
  • Finalize the arrangements for flowers, menu, wedding cake(s) and music
  • Change insurance policies, charge accounts, bank accounts, will, driver's license and Social Security listing to reflect name and/or address change
  • Write wedding announcement for newspapers
  • Make appointment with hairdresser from the day of or day before your wedding

One month to go

  • Mail invitations
  • Send maps to out-of-town guests
  • Set up table for wedding gifts
  • Record all gifts and write thank-you notes as gifts arrive
  • Notify the wedding party of rehearsal time and invite guests to the rehearsal dinner
  • Make bags of rose petals or rice for throwing as you leave the reception
  • Make arrangements for a dressing place for the bridesmaids
  • Make a household check for home furnishings that are still needed

One to two weeks to go

  • Double-check all arrangements
  • Have blood tests done and pick up marriage license
  • Have final fittings for all attire
  • Address and stamp announcements
  • Record each gift as it is received and write a thank-you note promptly
  • Check on all accessories for wedding outfit and for bridesmaids' outfits
  • Provide photographer with a list of desired photographs
  • Send wedding announcement to photographer
  • Draw up a seating plan for reception: make place cards for bride's table
  • Give caterer or reception contact a final estimate of number of people attending
  • Pack for honeymoon

The day before the wedding

  • Have your hair done
  • Have a manicure, pedicure and facial
  • Attend bridesmaids' luncheon; give gifts to attendants
  • Attend rehearsal and rehearsal dinner