In addition to the many college-wide scholarships available at Calvin, there are six scholarships intended for returning students of mathematics and one for incoming students of mathematics.

Baker Mathematics Scholarship for Incoming Students

To apply, fill out the online application form. The deadline is the third Monday in February. 



Scholarships for returning students

Timeline for upperclass scholarships

  • January 1 - Online application is available
  • March 1 - Application is due
  • Early April - Scholarship recipients are notified

What scholarships are available?

How do I apply for a mathematics scholarship?

Go to Calvin Portal > Services > Scholarships and Financial Aid > Apply for Aid > Upperclass Named Scholarship Application

What do I need to know?

Deadline for application is March 1

Faculty recommendations:  The online form requests the names of two faculty members for recommendations.  One faculty person must be from the mathematics and statistics department.  You can now use the same faculty recommendation form for all of the scholarships for which you apply, including Departmental, Science Division and Named Scholarships. The program requires you to enter the email addresses for two faculty recommendations. They will then receive an automatic email regarding your request.  Please be sure to contact these professors ahead of time to ask if they are willing to complete a recommendation for you.

A mathematics major program must appear on your AER in order to apply for a mathematics scholarship.  If you need to change your major on your AER, you must submit the Change of Major form to before you can apply for a mathematics scholarship. Please note that this form does not officially declare your major.

One application:  All departmental, science division and college named scholarships can be applied for with the same application.  Be sure to read the instructions at the beginning of the application thoroughly.