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40-Year Reunion: Favorite Memories

Gilbert Besselson

Professor Besselsen loved learning and teaching, and his enthusiasm was contagious. He was a teacher’s teacher.
~Nancy Van Hoff Reenders

Professor Besselsen taught me to think through and reflect on every decision I made while teaching.
~Collene Lubbinge Van Noord

Ervina Boevé, Art

Her energy for the arts was infectious, her breadth of interest and knowledge inspired me to learn more, and I still attempt to hold standards as high as hers.
~Debra Bergsma Otte

Robert Bolt, History

He advised me to come to class prepared and to be serious about my study.
~Cal Buquet

Peter De Jong, Social Work

He was a first year professor who inspired me to major in sociology and go into elementary education.
~Susan Rottier Smith

Bert de Vries, History

Dr. de Vries was new when I first took history classes. Although I was already sure I wanted a career with history, he made history come so much more alive than any of my high school teachers that I just knew I wanted to stay in history. That has mostly turned out to be true since I am a librarian with a huge interest in the history of our area.
~David Eisen

George Harper, English

Dr. Harper exemplified my understanding of a true intellectual as well as a man with high ideals, integrity, respect and deep spirituality. I remember going to Dr. Harper’s office to talk about something he might have mentioned in class, about a paper I was writing and about an assignment. He always made me feel most welcome and his thoughts made me think further and beyond what I originally wanted to discuss with him.
~David Mensink

Paul Henry, Political Science

As a professor, he was brilliant and involved.
~Terry Hoeksema

Henry Holstege, Sociology

In sociology, Dr. Holstege emphasized loving people as God wants them loved and not only studying people in a scientific manner.
~Doug Fauble

Jim Korf, Communication Arts & Sciences

He encouraged me to try out for a play. That small act has played over and over in my life, inspiring confidence when appearing before others.
~Jerry Jonker

Howard Slenk, Music

His energy and commitment to interpreting choral music inspired me to continue my involvement with choirs to this day. My wife and I hold Dr. Slenk responsible for bringing us together for 40+ years.
~Gerry Rozeboom

Richard Tiemersma, English

He taught me how to write and edit through the class “Teaching of Writing.” I didn’t end up teaching; I ended up in publishing, as an editor and now as a writer. Since he was also known as the hardest English prof, I was proud of myself when I did well in his classes.
~Doris Wynbeek Rikkers

Dale Topp, Music

Dr. Dale Topp taught the elementary education music class. I love music, and he had instilled that love for music when I was in grade school. In fact, I had Dr. Topp for band and music classes. He was teaching at my grade school while going for his masters. I knew that what he was teaching me in class at Calvin was what he had taught me in grade school. I knew that it worked.
~Dawn Vanden Heuvel Terpstra

Peter Vande Guchte, Economics & Business

He let me take an individual course with him so I could get in my last ¼ or ½ credit and be able to graduate on time. He was very caring and helpful.
~Linda Lou Tjepkema-Schroeder

Gordon Van Harn, Religion

He had us doing our own research and feeling the thrill of exploration.
~Thomas Post

Stan Wiersma, English

He was passionate in his teaching, and reading early American literature with him was living it.
~Dean Dyk

Don Wilson, Sociology

When I arrived at Calvin, I was dealing with the conflict that I had been led to believe existed between science and faith. That was especially true regarding the evolution/creation controversy. Dr. Wilson provided me with insight and discernment for how one might deal with that conflict.
~Dale Andringa

He dared to be different!
~Fay Bossenbroek Garrett

His lectures were engaging and informative. He taught in a way that led me to want to learn more. I appreciated his investment in getting to know students and remembering names even decades later.
~Cindy Vander Veen Ippel

Dr. Wilson was a friend as well as a professor. He invited a group of us over to his house and made us feel right at home.
~Karen Van Grouw Veldman

He led a fun class, with lots of stories about his adventures in various places around the world. It opened my eyes to accepting individuals who were so different from me, but so like me.
~Dori Wiltjer De Graaf