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Publications: Golden Years

Golden YearsThis title is available from the Calvin Campus Store,

David B. Tuuk, professor of physical education emeritus at Calvin College, as well as respected coach and athletic director, picks up where he left off in his first volume on the history of Calvin sports, Maroon and Gold Will Bind Our Hearts. That book chronicled Calvin's athletic program from its beginning in 1915 until Calvin entered the MIAA (Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association) in 1953.

Golden Years continues the narrative as Calvin adds MIAA conference competition and achievement to its already accomplished athletic history. Over their first 50 years of MIAA involvement, Calvin's Knights—both men's and women's teams—have distinguished themselves as excellent student-athletes and as persons of character.

“What this book is really about is memories,” said Tuuk. “Most people have very fond memories of their participation on sports teams. These are definitely moments that should be remembered.”

Without Tuuk’s efforts, however, he feared that much of the history of Calvin athletics would be lost. Tuuk spent more than a year researching this book and conducting interviews with coaches and players.

Golden Years details the history of each of the 20 sports in which Calvin has participated over the last 50 years, including wrestling, archery and field hockey, all three of which have since been discontinued. Many individual and team highlights and statistics are included in the book. It also lists every All-MIAA first-team honoree, includes reflections from administrators of other MIAA institutions, and offers write-ups on traditions such as the Calvin-Hope rivalry, spring break trips, and other memorable moments in Calvin sports history.

“There is a lot of history here,” said Tuuk. “I felt we owed it to the student-athletes to preserve the history of the last 50 years. When you look back on all of this, you have to say, ‘Wow, God has been really good to us,’” said Tuuk. “The fact that Calvin is what it is today is really something.