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Student Scholarships

The Alumni Association gives $65,000 to support students each year through these programs:

Alumni Network Scholarships  |  Interim Scholarships 
Legacy Scholarships  |  Students of Color Scholarships

Alumni Association Network Scholarships

More than 20 Alumni Networks award scholarships to students attending Calvin from their local area. Students do not need to be children of alumni to receive these scholarships. Most scholarships are awarded to first-year students, but others are awarded to returning students or transfer students. See the network scholarships page for details.

Alumni Association Student of Color Scholarships

The Calvin Alumni Association provides funds for scholarships for U.S. and Canadian students of color for their first year at Calvin. Primary factors in the selection are the student's academic record, motivation, character, potential for success at Calvin, and financial need. A minimum 2.5 high school GPA is required. Scholarship recipients are selected by the Alumni Association Board and the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid. Up to five scholarships of $2,000 are available for the 2014-15 academic year. Applications must be received (not just postmarked) by February 1 of the student's senior year of high school.

Application Instructions: PDF or Word
Application Form: Word document (or PDF if Word isn't possible)
Contact: (616-526-6142)

Application deadline: February 1 of a student's senior year of high school

Alumni Association Legacy Scholarships

Each year, almost 40% of incoming Calvin students are children of Calvin alumni, known as "legacy" students. To celebrate the legacy of Calvin attendance in succeeding generations, the Calvin Alumni Association annually awards scholarships of $1500 each to students who are third-generation (or more) legacy students. This is a competitive scholarship process; scholarships are not automatically awarded. These are one-time scholarships to be used the student's first year at Calvin.

To apply, students must meet these basic requirements as well as answer one essay question::

  • students applying to Calvin as high school seniors and admitted to Calvin by February 1
  • candidates must have at least one parent plus at least two additional direct ancestors (a second parent, grandparents, great-grandparents) who are alumni
    • "Alumni" are defined as those who have attended Calvin for at least the equivalent of two full semesters.
    • Alumni siblings, cousins and aunts/uncles are not considered direct ancestors for the purpose of this scholarship.
    • Examples: Students would meet the Legacy Scholarship criteria if they had a) 2 alumni parents + one alum grandparent or b) 1 alum parent + 2 alum grandparents or c) 1 alum parent + 1 alum grandparent + 1 alum great-grandparent
  • minimum 3.0 GPA

Application form: The application process for the Legacy Scholarships is now closed.

Application deadline: February 1 of a student's senior year of high school

Alumni Association Interim Scholarships

The Calvin Alumni Association is supportive of students seeking off-campus study experiences during interim. The organization has made ten (10) $500 travel grants available to Calvin students. Applications are available from the financial aid office in September and are due October 1.

Brian De Wall, Lori Powell and Matt Remein Scholarship

On January 25, 1997, an automobile accident took the life of Calvin senior Brian De Wall (Fruitport, Michigan) and seriously injured Moni Anders (Galena, Ohio), Lori Powell (Worthington, Ohio), and Matt Remein (Silver Spring, Maryland). In time, Moni recovered, but Lori and Matt remained limited by brain injury, and Lori eventually passed away in May 2006. In October 1999, a group of 46 Calvin students, staff, and alumni (organized by the chaplain’s office) ran in the Chicago Marathon to raise money and encourage the DeWall, Powell and Remein families whose lives were daily affected by that crash. The endowed dollars from this fundraising effort are used for a scholarship to give thanks to God for their lives and to provide assistance for future Calvin students in their names.

One scholarship of approximately $1500 (exact funds determined by endowment earnings each year) is awarded to a first-year student from Michigan, Ohio, or the greater Washington, D.C. area who has demonstrated service to church or community. Minimum 3.0 GPA. No separate application is required.

Cornelius and Marian Joosse Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was established with gifts from Mr. Harry and Mrs. Barb Kampenga in honor of their parents, Mr. Cornelius and Mrs. Marian Joosse. Typically, the Southeast Wisconsin Alumni Network awards one scholarship of $1,500 to an upper-class student. Interested candidates should apply through the Southeast Wisconsin Alumni Network.