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Faculty Research Grants: 2008 Recipients

Congratulations to these professors! These grants were made possible through alumni gifts to the Alumni Association via the Spark Voluntary Subscription Drive.

Joel Adams

Joel Adams ($636)
Computer Science

A Calvin Faculty-Alumnus Research Presentation

Tim Brom '07 and Adams will demo the supercomputer Microwulf at the annual ACM SIGCSE conference.

Roy Anker

Roy Anker ($800)

A Pilgrim at Cannes: A Christian Critic Views the Cannes Film Festival

This CAA grant supports travel to the Cannes film festival for a look at religious currents in world cinema.

Randy Buursma

Randy Buursma ($2500)

Integrating Drama in the Liturgical Elements of Worship

This project will create a book and DVD for worship leaders which explains and demonstrates the use of drama in the liturgical elements of worship. The grant funds a student to assist in the production and editing of the DVD.

Matthew Kuperus Heun

Matthew Kuperus Heun ($5000)

Application of Adaptronics to Improve UAV Performance

This grant supports adaptronics research on Uninhabited Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) at Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Cape Town, South Africa.

Karen Miller

Karen Miller ($2500)

Variable Production in Brazilian Portuguese

Funding supports a student to transcribe Brazilian Portuguese language acquisition data.

Bert Polman

Bert Polman ($1855)

Magnificat Research

This grant supports travel for Polman and a student assistant to research musical settings of the Song of Mary (the Magnificat) at other universities.

Allen Shoemaker Allen Shoemaker ($1600)

This grant will allow Shoemaker to work with the World Health Organization in Geneva to analyze their child growth data using Trendalyzer software.

Kumar Sinniah

Kumar Sinniah ($4,500)
Chemistry & Biochemistry

Single Molecule Force Spectroscopy Study of Quadruplex DNAs

The CAA grant supports travel to England for Sinniah and a student to be trained on the synthesis of quadruplex DNAs. The broader project studies intermolecular interactions in quadruplex DNA using single molecule force spectroscopy.

Ralph Stearley

Ralph Stearley ($2960)

Calvin College Paleontology Collection Summer Curationship

A student fossil curator will develop skills as a Christian paleontologist while upgrading the utility of Calvin's fossil teaching collection.

Helen Sterk

Helen Sterk ($3300)

Women and Leadership in the Christian Reformed Church: Oral Histories

Sterk will employ a McGregor student fellow to interview 27 selected people, gathering their stories related to women's church rights.