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About the Alumni Association: Alumni Board

Alumni Board 2012-2013

2013-2014 Calvin Alumni Association Board

Roster & Contact Information

Front row (from left): Rhonda Roorda ’92 (Brighton, Mich.); Andrea Stith House ’03 (Canton, Mich.); Anh Vu Sawyer ’79 (Providence, R.I.); Karen Postma Blamer ’75 (Kalamazoo, Mich.); Russ Clousing II ’87 (Downers Grove, Ill.)

Second row: Robert Marcusse ’71 (Lenexa, Kan.); Sung-Ae Choi Reed ’06, secretary (Napa, Calif.); James Jo ’89 (Grand Rapids, Mich.); Chris Wiesehan ’05, president-elect (Chicago, Ill.); Jessica Rooks Westra ’94, president (Holland, Mich.); Michael Van Denend ’78, executive director

Third row: Doug Jorritsma ’85 (Redlands, Calif.); Gihane Jeremie-Brink ’05 (Chicago, Ill.); Steven Fridsma ’91 (Grand Rapids, Mich.); Alicia Wilson-Ahlstrom ’93 (Ann Arbor, Mich.); John Wynbeek ’77 (Grand Rapids, Mich.); Amy Puls Bax ’94 (London, Ont.); Carol Vanden Bosch Rottman ’60 (Greenville, Mich.)

Fourth row: Jackie VanderVelde Streelman ’85 (Midland Park, N.J.); Milford Muskett ’90 (Philadelphia, Pa.); Scott Vandenberg ’94 (Lynden, Wash.); Luci Bosch Draayer ’76 (Denver, Colo.); Charles Ash, Jr. ’95 (Grand Rapids, Mich.)

Use your representatives to network with Calvin alumni and help Calvin be an even better place. To learn more about your representatives or find out how to contact them, see the alumni board directory. For general communication to the Alumni Board, e-mail