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Calvin Alumni Association

The Calvin Alumni Association, founded in 1907, is an organization that is committed to building community among Calvin College alumni and friends, providing opportunities for service and inspiring alumni to answer God's call in life and vocation. The Alumni Association is composed of all persons who have attended Calvin College for at least one year—or who have completed eight courses—and those who have graduated from Calvin Theological Seminary. Honorary members, such as current or former faculty and staff, may be granted membership at the May meeting of the Alumni Board.

Some Calvin alums attended the college's Franklin campus, symbolized by the cupola which topped the Franklin campus administration building. Others know Calvin as the current Knollcrest campus, marked by the steeple of the college chapel. Together, Calvin's alumni—some 60,000 of them worldwide—have pursued the vision statement, striving to be "agents of renewal in academy, church and society."

The Calvin Alumni Association is governed by a board of 24 alumni from all over the world. The members meet on campus three times a year (October, February and May) to represent alumni to college offices and to develop services for alumni and friends. The Alumni Association's strategic plan for 2012-2017 continues to shape the way we reach out to Calvin alumni around the world. In addition, alumni serve as local Network Leaders for over 30 alumni networks.

The Calvin Alumni Association publishes Spark, the alumni quarterly magazine; supports the work of alumni chapters; and sponsors numerous programs and events, including Homecoming, uKnight week, class reunions, "The Rivalry" and many local alumni events.

No dues are required to be a member of the Alumni Association; however, an annual Spark voluntary subscription appeal helps to cover the publishing costs for the magazine. This in turn frees up funds which enable the Association to provide scholarships to Calvin students and grants to Calvin faculty, publish a variety of books and CDs, and enhance services to alumni and friends.

The Association pages are designed to give alumni and friends a glimpse of how an organized alumni network can be rewarding to the college and its graduates. We invite you to browse these pages, discover more about the Calvin Alumni Association and communicate with us. E-mail suggestions to—promptly and sincerely.