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CEAP Publications

[Note: These publications are listed in reverse chronology, as some of them build upon each other]

Faculty Publications

Matthew Kuperus Heun, David Warners, and Henry E. DeVries II (June 2009)
Campus Carbon Neutrality as an Interdisciplinary Pedagogical Tool
David Warners and Jeff Bouman (April 2009)
Faith, Hope, and . . . Sustainability
David Warners and Ken Bergwerff (November/December 2007)
Multiple Objectives Achieved with a Germination Experiment in a Science Education Biology Class
Janel M. Curry, Gail Gunst Heffner, and Clarence W. Joldersma (September 2007)
Building Campus Sustainability on the Strengths of Institutional and Cultural Identities: An Example (pdf)
David Warners and Larry Borst (March 2005)
The Good of a Flourishing Creation: Seeking God in a Culture of Affluence
Janel Curry, Gail Gunst Heffner, and David Warners (Fall 2002)
Environmental Service-Learning: Social Transformation through Caring for a Particular Place (pdf)
Curry-Roper, Janel (October 1996)
The Covenantal Structure of Society and its Implications for Natural Resource Policy
Clarence Joldersma
Selected books on environmental sustainability from a religious perspective (mostly Christian)

Funded Grant:

Institution and Research in Community Context