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Calvin Student-Organized Environmental Activities

April 2009

Lecture: "Animals & Rights"

Presented by Dan Hooley

The lecture will explained what rights language is all about, considered arguments in favor of animal rights, and responded to objections raised against these arguments.

March 2009

Lecture: "Making the Transition to Sustainability"

Presented by Ken Piers, Professor of Chemistry

There are many signs, ranging from those related to the health of the natural environment to the stability of the global economic system, that suggest that modern civilization as we know it today is not sustainable. What exactly do we mean when we talk about a sustainable society? What kinds of changes will be necessary to achieve a civilization that will be sustainable indefinitely? How can such changes be achieved? In this talk we will address some of these issues.

February 2009

Kill-a-watt month sustainability competition

A leadership collective is putting together all of the advertising, events and resources for you. All that we ask from you is your passionate participation and cooperation to help educate our students on living sustainably.

Why the competition? This energy competition was a continuation of a trial energy competition hosted in 2008 in Bolt Heyns Timmer (BHT) dorm. Because of the remarkable success of this competition to raise awareness about electricity usage, we decided to improve on the model but kept the same philosophy: get students excited about sustainability. The competition model lends itself to those students who may not other-wise consider changing their energy-using habits. As students practice using reusable bags and Compact Florescent Lights we hope that they will be surprised by the simplicity of sustainability. In addition to this, the competition raised awareness about energy consumption through lectures and creative advertisements. We really wanted this competition to be about holistic energy education.

February was broken up into four “cause” weeks: electricity, reduce/reuse, water, food. Students will learned about these issues through increased consciousness and the simple practice of sustainable living.


  • Feb. 4th - “HEAT," 8 pm @ Bytwerk Theatre (a new Frontline documentary investigating what business is doing to address the issue of climate change.)
  • Feb. 7th - Counting the Lights, 6 - 8 pm @ all dorms (An event meant to raise excitement and awareness about electricity use. Members of the Kill-a-Watt planning committee will be walking through each building counting lights that are on. This includes coffee kitchen and basement lights.


  • Feb. 12th - Coal and Where Our Electricity Comes From, 8 pm @ Meeter Center lecture hall (A lecture and panel discussion on mountaintop removal)
  • Feb. 12th - CUPPS Mugs Thursday Challenge tallied @Johnny’s & Fishhouse (students should ask their building to be tallied for using a reusable container)


  • Feb. 17th - Tray less Tuesday Challenge tallied @ dining hall, all day (students should ask their building to be tallied for declining a tray)


  • Feb. 23rd - Meatless Monday Challenge tallied @ dining hall, all day (students should ask their building to be tallied for committing to decline meat)
  • Feb. 24th - "Our Daily Bread," 7:30 pm @ Chapel Undercroft (a documentary about industrial food production in the US)
  • Feb. 26th -
    • The film, The Brother Outside, will be playing in Bytwerk theatre at 7 pm. Read the description here (
    • Food and Sustainability panel, 7:30 pm @ Beets-Venstra basement (Professors Adam Wolpa and Dave Dornbos and student Jessica Driesengas will speak about food and sustainability)
    • Grand Finale event, 9 pm on the Commons Lawn (candlelight rally)

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