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CEAP Poster Session: Spring 2012

Sustainability and Social Enterprises

Sustainability involves more than ecological health and includes social equity and economic vitality. This year's keynote speaker, Christina Keller will describe her work with Cascade Engineering in developing the Hydraid® BioSand Water Filter Children with their filter in Cumyagua which is bringing people access to safe water and empowering people in Africa and Latin America.

Christina will describe how social enterprises are an emerging way for people to make an impact and make a profit. From B-corps to Kickstarter to impact investing and microlending, people are changing the way they do business to build a sustainable future.

Following the lecture, student posters of CEAP projects this semester, including research findings from the Plaster Creek watershed, will be on display in the lobby along with refreshments

Christina Keller
CEAP Poster Session
Keynote Speaker:
Christina Keller
Business Unit Leader of Triple Quest
Keynote Address:
"Sustainability and Social Enterprises"
3:30 PM | May 3, 2012
North Hall 078