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Biology 243: Plant Biology

Profs. David Doornbos and David Warners

2008-2009: Control of Woody Invasive Shrubs

Biology 243 students and two students involved in summer research projects conducted field research over a three-year period and determined three factors should be considered to enhance greatly the likelihood that woody invasive shrubs can be successfully removed as part of a restoration project.  Roundup herbicide (glyphosate) should be painted on the cut stumps of mature plants in its concentrated form (at least 41% active ingredient), within 20-minutes of cutting the top off, and in reasonably dry soils.  Accounting for these three factors should ensure a greater than 98% rate of control. (Summer research poster)

2004-2005: Plaster Creek Watershed

2003-2004: Prairie Pots

2001-2002: Buckthorn removal

Additional Powerpoint presentations

Characterization of Photosynthesis Rates in a Managed Forest Ecosystem to Optimize CO2 Sequestration Ability

Light Characteristics of an Urban Forest Canopy

Net Photosynthesis and Growth Rate of Buckthorn Seedlings and Eight Native Shrubs at Various Light Intensities