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What has Calvin College already done?

Our commitment to environmental stewardship continues to grow in many areas of our community life.

Ecosystem Preserve—The preserve consists of 90 acres of temperate deciduous forest, wetlands, and old fields on the campus of Calvin College on the east side of the East Beltline. (

Bunker Center—The Bunker Interpretive Center (in the Calvin College Ecosystem Preserve) serves as a home base for formal programs, a study center for the college community, and an educational resource for casual visitors to the preserve. The award-winning facility has a number of environmentally friendly features. (

Calvin Environmental Assessment Program (CEAP)—Since 1997, CEAP has served as a catalyst for Calvin to pursue environmental stewardship through curriculum and research initiatives. CEAP is a collaborative effort of faculty, mainly in the sciences, whose focus is to deepen understanding of the campus ecosystem and the local/regional ecosystem by developing specific assignments for students in CEAP classes to explore some aspect of the environment. Findings from student projects are displayed in a poster session each semester.  (

Environmental Stewardship Committee (ESC)—ESC is part of the governance structure of the college and is a vehicle for advocacy and information exchange on environmental matters. ESC developed the Statement on Sustainability, approved by the Board of Trustees in May 2007. (



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