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Academics: Environmental Studies Minor

The environmental studies group minor program of concentration is intended for students who are following a disciplinary major and who also have an interest in studying a broad range of environmental problems and issues at the local, national, and global levels.

Because the study of such issues is truly interdisciplinary in scope, the environmental studies minor is appropriate for students majoring in the humanities, the social sciences, or the natural sciences. While disciplinary majors with environmental interest are encouraged to complete the entire group minor, the environmental studies courses may also be taken singly as electives to enrich a program of study.

Required Courses:

Electives (choose 2):

One additional course approved by the program advisor


Environmental Studies

Program Advisor

Planning a career as a geoscientist, a geographer or environmental worker? Talk to a faculty advisor in your department.

The advisor for the environmental studies group minor program is Henk Aay (GEO).


Environmental Studies

Environmental Careers Organization

Environmental Scientists and Hydrologists (US Department of Labor)

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