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Academics: Environmental Science

Major in environmental science

The college offers a major program of concentration in environmental science with an emphasis in either biology, chemistry, or geology and it offers a group minor in environmental studies. The environmental science major program is intended for students who plan to pursue a career requireing scientific training in environmental problems and their solutions.

The major prepares students for jobs in a variety of fields and will prepare them for further study in certain graduate programs such as ecology, environmental science, natural resource management, or environmental biology.

Students interested in environmental issues, but who wish to pursue graduate study in chemistry or geology are encouraged to complete a disciplinary major and the environmental studies minor.

Program overview

Students who major in environmental sciences must choose one of three emphases. those interested in careers in environmental biology should complete the biology emphasis; those interested in careers in environmental geology should follow the geology emphasis; and those interested in careers in environmental chemistry should follow the chemistry emphasis.

  • Take a minimum of 12 courses in biology, chemistry and geology.
  • With a biology emphasis, take four required biology courses and choose two more advanced-level courses.
  • Take seven cognate courses in chemistry, math and environmental studies, including a senior seminar to help you develop a Christian philosophy of the environment and environmental management.

Course Requirements

Environmental Studies

Should you consider an environmental studies group minor?

If you want to pursue graduate study in biology, chemistry, or geology, but are also interested in studying environmental issues at the local, national and global levels, consider earning an environmental studies minor along with your chemistry major.

Because the study of environmental issues is truly interdisciplinary, the environmental studies minor is appropriate for students majoring in the humanities, social sciences or natural sciences.

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