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McGregor Undergraduate Research Program for the Humanities and Social Sciences

In 1998, Calvin College received a grant from the Detroit-based McGregor Fund to establish a program of student fellowships for summer research with faculty in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. The resulting McGregor Fellowship program has funded collaborative student-faculty research since 1999. Although the original McGregor investment has been exhausted, the program operates with the generous support of private donors and continues to attract Calvin's "best and brightest" students and faculty to collaborative research projects.

2017 Student Application and Project List

2017 Student Fellow Awardees

McGregor-funded projects in News & Stories:

2014 - U.S. News Recognizes Calvin College For Its Undergraduate Research

2014 - Where sports and history meet

2013 - Creating an on-ramp into the field of international development

2013 - Grains of Hope

2012 - McGregor Fellows listen to Refugee's Stories

2011 - Q&A with Amy Patterson: Researching in Africa

2011 - The King, his ring and the temple

2011 - Researching the CRC's work with Cuban refugees

2011 - The economic impact of year-round schooling

2010 - The Forgotten Woman's Bible

2010 - Researching race in GR


The McGregor Program process:

Faculty proposals are due January 31, 2017. A selection committee will decide on the set of faculty projects to be funded. (The selected faculty will be designated as McGregor Faculty Mentors and will receive a stipend of $1000 in the first June 2017 paycheck.) If student travel is anticipated, please also consider applying for an Alumni Grant.

NOTE for Faculty mentors: As you consider proposing a project for the McGregor Program, please read carefully through the McGregor Faculty Mentor Expectations and Responsibilities. As you consider encouraging a student (or students) to apply for your project, please read through the Guide for Faculty Mentors in Undergraduate Research.

Student applications are due February 28, 2017. A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 is required. Individual students may not apply to more than three projects. McGregor Student Fellows will earn $3,300 for eight weeks of full-time work.

Each McGregor Faculty Mentor will review the applications submitted for her/his project and will select a student awardee and two alternates. The Dean for research and scholarship and the McGregor director will approve the final student awardees. Faculty mentors are required to attend an orientation at the beginning of summer.

Fellowships will be announced by March 17, 2017.

Summer Schedule: Between May 29 and July 28, 2017, McGregor scholars and their faculty mentors will work closely together on their specific projects. All students and mentors will break for the week of July 3-7. Each week, scholars will attend a lunchtime meeting with director Roman Williams. These meetings serve two main purposes. First, through interaction with faculty-mentor presenters, the meetings will introduce students to the life of a scholar, ranging from what to expect in graduate school, to the meaning of Christian scholarship, to specific research methodologies. Second, the meetings will help students to articulate within the smaller group the challenges and successes in their ongoing projects. Students are required to attend all the scheduled meetings. In addition to these weekly meetings, there will also be two social events over the course of the summer for students and faculty.

Each student is required to present research results at a professional presentation the week of July 24. Faculty mentors are also required to attend the day of research presentations. Please note on your application if you are unable for any reason to be present that week for the student presentations, either as a mentor or as a student.

2017 McGregor faculty application

Previous Fellows/Faculty:

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