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Obligations after Receiving an Academic Year CRF

  • It is expected that grantees who receive CRFs will continue in their teaching positions at Calvin College. The teaching load required of each grantee during the academic year following that of the CRF is, at minimum, two courses per CRF-funded course release. Grantees who do not fulfill this obligation are required to reimburse the college in full for the salary (not including the cost of benefits) earned under the CRF.
  • All publications that result from work done during the course release should acknowledge the support of Calvin College for the project.
  • The grantee must submit an online report by August 15 after the end of the course release, detailing results or progress of the project and any related professional gains. This report should be submitted to the dean for research and scholarship who will forward it to the department chair and the academic dean.
  • Common courtesy should require some form of acknowledgment to the Board of Trustees. Notes of thanks may be sent via the Office of the President.