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Emily Helder, Department of Psychology
Dr. Emily Helder received her bachelor’s degree from Calvin College and her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Wayne State University. She completed her clinical internship at the University of Chicago Medical Center in 2009.  Her specialty focus within clinical psychology is neuropsychology, focusing on the relationship between the brain and behavior.   She joined the faculty of the psychology department in 2009 and teaches Introductory Psychology and courses in research methods, brain-behavior relationships, and assessment.  Her research interests include studying the effects of childhood injury or adversity on later development, the relationship between brain imaging and neuropsychology, and the plasticity of cognitive skills such as language.

Helder, Emily

"Outcomes in international adoption: addressing questions from multiple perspectives"


Lecture: Tuesday, April 30, 2013,
4 p.m., CFAC Recital Hall
(refreshments will be served)
vimeo of the lecture

About the lecture: Dr. Helder is the director of the Calvin Adoption Study, a longitudinal investigation of children who have been adopted internationally. For the past three years she has interviewed parents and children, assessing children’s language development, IQ, emotions, and behavior. 

In this lecture, Prof. Helder will apply results from her own study, as well as existing studies of adoptees, to address questions of concern for a variety of stakeholders in the international adoption conversation. Adoptive parents wonder what they can expect after adopting and what types of parenting decisions might result in the best adjustment down the road.  Adoption agencies and therapists wonder what factors predict successful placement and what types of support or interventions might children and families need most post-adoption. Schools and teachers wonder what educational challenges, if any, should be expected initially and in the future.  Members of faith communities can consider how the church can best support families who adopt and how to faithfully pursue the biblical mandate of ministering to orphans.

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