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Plaster Creek Stewards Educational Presentations

Fall/Spring Events

Click on the links to view the PowerPoint presentations:

Spring 2018
          Navigating the New Normal: Watershed Restoration in an Age of Climate Change          Climate Opinions of Michigan 3rd District         
 Climate Change Under Business as Usual vs. Paris Aggreement for Michigan 3rd District

Fall 2017
          Returning Home: Reconciling Human Impacts Using Native Plants

Spring 2017
          Displaced Dirt: Keeping Sediment out of Streams

Fall 2016
          Connecting Urban Neighborhoods with their Creeks

Summer 2016
          Cultivating our Place through Histories and Gardens: A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Workshop

Spring 2016
          Creek Friendly Yards

Fall 2015
          Alger Heights versus "The Flash"

Summer 2015
          Parade of Curb-Cut Rain Gardens

Spring 2015
          Shifting our Thinking of Rain

Fall 2014

Spring 2014
          A Healthy Watershed-Magnet for Birds and Butterflies

Fall 2013
           Hidden Waters: TheSecret Life of Silver Creek

Summer 2013
          Rainscaping to Reduce Our Stormwater Footprint

Spring 2013
          Invasives - The Good, the Bad, and the Weedy

Fall 2012
          Loving our Downstream Neighbor: From Plaster Creek to the St. Lawrence River

Spring 2012
          Deep Roots - the Importance of Trees for a Healthy Watershed

Fall 2011
          When It Rains, It Pours - Where Rain Goes

Spring 2011
          The Unfolding of Plaster Creek Stewards

Fall 2010
          Watershed Awakening - Connecting College and Community to a Shared Place

Other Topics of Interest

Profile of a Human-dominated Watershed

Introduction to Plaster Creek Watershed Restoration Initiative

Loving Our Downstream Neighbor

Environmental Justice and Plaster Creek

Reconciliation Ecology

Groundswell Teacher Professional Development Days

Channel or Floodplain

Rainscaping for Watershed Restoration

Healthy Watersheds and Their Plants

Watershed Quiz

Environmental Heroes of Early Grand Rapids (and how they inform local restoration and conservation efforts)

Using Green Infrastructure to Enhance Classroom Learning (coming soon)

Hidden Waters: TheSecret Life of Silver Creek

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Love thy Downstream Neighbor: From Plaster Creek to the St. Lawrence River

Our fall event was Saturday, September 22 10:00am-12:30pm at the Bunker Interpretive Center.

View photos from the project or check out images from the presentation here, and view news coverage here.