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The Calvin College Race Card Project

We'd like your thoughts on race -
           Can you do it in six words or less?

The Office for Multicultural Affairs invites your participation in "starting the conversation." We'd like you to think about your experiences, questions, hopes, dreams, laments, or observations about race, identity, and diversity and put them into six words or less. We will then post the comments on a Race Card "wall" on the Web and begin to organize all-campus conversations based on your entries.

The Calvin College Race Card Project is inspired by Michele Norris who started "The Race Card Project" to "get the conversation started." More information on the project can be found here.

This project begins during UnLearn Week, October 7, and continues through November 4, 2013. You may submit your six-word sentence
on the form below or write it on a postcard which will be distributed
throughout the campus.

In order for you to participate, your name and email must be included.
Please use appropriate language.

* Full Name
* Email
* Your six words
Home state or country
Additional comments