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Research Initiatives

Grant Proposal:

Strengthening Liberal Arts Education by Embracing Place and Particularity
Funded by the Teagle Foundation (2005-2007)

Teagle Foundation White Paper

This paper describes research undertaken by Calvin College to explore the intersection of the liberal arts and the particulars of place.  This research posed several key questions for exploration: How can the liberal arts tradition serve the common good in a particular place?  How will liberal arts be seen as an important resource for members of a particular community? How can we use our city as text to strengthen liberal arts education for our students and to strengthen engaged scholarship/ research for our faculty? In other words, how could a particular place inform and shape the teaching that occurs in liberal arts classrooms as well as the research undertaken by faculty?

Community Research Initiatives:

  • Urban Altruism
    A research initiative and seminar concerned with seeking the welfare of the city. This seminar was taught in the Spring of 2006 by Dr. Jamie Smith of the Calvin Philosophy Department.
  • Three Focus Neighborhoods
    Calvin has worked for decades in many neighborhoods within the Grand Rapids metropolitan area. More recently, the Provost ’s Office, the Service-Learning Center, the Office of Community Relations, and several academic departments at Calvin have collaborated with churches, schools, and organizations in the Burton Heights, Baxter-Madison, and Creston-Belknap communities, focusing on multiple community issues and disciplinary approaches.
  • Engaged Scholarship: publications by Calvin faculty


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