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Strategic Priorities - Racial Reconciliation

Racial Reconciliation

Calvin College is committed to promoting racial reconciliation and to becoming an antiracist institution. The pursuit of shalom calls for not only concerted efforts to promote racial reconciliation and Christian community but also for deliberate measures to identify and address practices, structures and attitudes, both institutional and personal, that may militate against those efforts.

From Every Nation

The Revised Comprehensive Plan for Racial Justice, Reconciliation, and Cross-Cultural Engagement at Calvin College

Guide to Multicultural Resources

This list is a guide to resources for multicultural issues, activities and programs at Calvin College as well as a catalog of the organizations, programs, and people focused on multicultural affairs at Calvin.

Community Voices Project

The stories and perspectives of long-term residents, refugees, and recent immigrants are being collected in this oral history project, giving voice to their life experiences and bridging cultural, racial, ethnic, and social differences. Watch soon for a link to the archives for these oral history interviews.