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How to Apply for a Major Grant

All application documents must be uploaded in PDF format.

step 1

Meet with CCCS Director no later than September 22

The Governing Board encourages colleagues to meet with the director of the Calvin Center, Professor Susan Felch, as they develop their vision for each Major Grant.

Faculty are also encouraged to discuss their plans with their Department Chair.

step 2
3 References

  • Calvin College department chair endorsement (form here)
  • A Calvin College colleague
  • A non-Calvin College colleague, either from Calvin or another institution

It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that reference letters are emailed to the Calvin Center in PDF format by October 2. Referees should not include current members of the Governing Board in order to maintain objectivity in the review process. Letters should be addressed to the Governing Board and be sent to:

Dale Williams
Program Manager
Calvin Center for Christian Scholarship

step 3

3-6 Page Project Proposal in PDF format

The project proposal should describe, for non-specialists, the following:

  • The problem, question, or issue the proposed project will address
  • The means by which the project will address the problem and the methodology that will be employed
  • The product(s) that are anticipated, including a descriptive outline of proposed book chapters or articles, if relevant
  • The audience(s) that will be targeted, and the means of dissemination that are anticipated
  • The relation of the project to the purposes and goals of the Calvin Center for Christian Scholarship (please see the Christian Scholarship at Calvin College document), its significance for intentional Christian scholarship, and its timeliness
  • The participants who will be involved, their specific roles and responsibilities, and their qualifications for this particular project

step 4
2-3 Page Project Bibliography in PDF format


step 5
Timeline for the Project in PDF format


step 6
Budget for the Project in PDF format

step 7

Curriculum Vitae for all participants in PDF format


If your proposal includes a request for course release time

If your proposal includes a request for course release time, your application will be considered both by the CCCS Board and by the Faculty Development Committee. Please provide the following additional information, required for a CRF, in the online CCCS application. You may cut and paste as appropriate from your longer CCCS application.

  • 250-word description of the expected project outcomes and the benefits to the applicant, the profession, and the college.
  • 250-word pedagogical impact statement. Describe any contributions that the project will make toward course/curriculum development and implementation (be sure to include any FEN- or sustainability-related elements).
  • 250 word work schedule or other justification that explains why the requested teaching reduction is appropriate for the proposed project.
  • 250-word statement of supplemental support, if your project requires funding beyond the teaching reduction afforded by the CRF.

Faculty planning research with human subjects

Faculty involved in the planning of research that involves human subjects in any way, from interviews or questionnaires to medical procedures with living persons or bodily substances, must submit a research proposal to the current chair of the Institutional Review Board (IRB).  The board is mandated by governmental agencies to review and approve research with human subjects using one of the following processes:

  • Provide an exemption
  • Conduct an expedited review approval or
  • Approve the project after full review

As a small board which meets regularly, the IRB is committed to facilitate the advancement of faculty research programs as quickly and easily as possible. Applicants must have applied for IRB approval by October 1 and must certify IRB approval before receiving CCCS monies. Please consult the IRB page for further instructions if your research involves human subjects.

Online Application

Complete the online application, uploading all documents in PDF format by October 2.


Obligations After Receiving a CCCS Major Grant

  • The grantee must email an annual progress report to the Program Manager by April 15.
  • All publications that result from the CCCS Major Grant should acknowledge the support of the Calvin Center for Christian Scholarship for the project.

Proposal Deadline

  • October 2 at 5:00 PM
  • For more information, please, contact the Program Manager, Dale Williams.