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CCCS, Calvin Center for Christian Scholarship, a center or Calvin College, Calvin College

Spring Grant Awards for Small Grants

Alumni Association and Penny Dykstra-Pruim (Provost’s Office): “I Was a Stranger: Intercultural Perspectives on Immigration and Refugees.”

Joel Carpenter (Nagel Institute) and Jo-Ann Van Reeuwyk (Art): “Matter & Spirit: Contemporary Chinese Art and Society.”

Won Lee (Religion): “Seek the Lord!: The function of the exhortation in the structure of the book of Amos.”

David Noe (Classics): “LatinPerDiem” and a translation of John Calvin’s Duae Epistolae.

Sam Smartt (Communication Arts and Sciences) and Matt Walhout (Dean for Research and Scholarship): “Luminous.”

David Urban (English): “Milton and the Parables of Jesus.”

Frans van Liere (History): “Andrew of Saint Victor on Isaiah.”

Stacey Wieland (Communication Arts and Sciences): “Facilitating Virtuous Conversations about Divisive Issues within the Church.”


CCCS Director Receives NEH Grant

CCCS director Dr. Susan M. Felch and Dr. Mark Rankin of James Madison University have received a 3-year, $335,000 National Endowment for the Humanities grant to edit the writings of William Tyndale (1495-1536) for publication, in both print and online formats. Read more.


CCCS Research Fellow

Dr. Patrick Owens will be assisting Dr. David Noe (Calvin College) and Dr. Chad Van Dixhoorn (Reformed Theological Seminary) who received a Major Grant in 2015 for the Westminster Assembly Divines Translation Project. Learn more about this project.




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