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Networking Grants for Christian Scholars

CCCU, Networking Grants, Christian, ScholarshipThe Council for Christian Colleges & Universities announces the resumption of the Networking Grants for Christian Scholars program. Up to three one-year Planning Grants of $3,000 each will be awarded to networking teams wishing to plan research projects. Up to two three-year Initiative Grants of $18,000 each will be awarded to implement research projects.

Application Deadline:  March 2, 2015

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Spring Applications

The CCCS offers Small Grants to encourage the initiation, continuation, and completion of scholarly projects related to the mission of the Center.

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Turning South and East

On October 20, 2014, eminent Christian scholars, Nicholas Wolterstorff, Susan Van Zanten, and Mark Noll, shared their life-changing encounters with world Christianity. Watch now