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CCCS, Calvin Center for Christian Scholarship, a center or Calvin College, Calvin College

New Book from the CCCS Director

Teaching and Christian Imagination

Susan M. Felch and David I. Smith

Eerdmans, 2015

This book offers an energizing Christian vision for the art of teaching. The authors—experienced teachers themselves—encourage teacher-readers to reanimate their work by imagining it differently. David Smith and Susan Felch, along with Barbara Carvill, Kurt Schaefer, Timothy Steele, and John Witvliet, creatively use three metaphors—journeys and pilgrimages, gardens and wilderness, buildings and walls—to illuminate a fresh vision of teaching and learning. Stretching beyond familiar clichés, they infuse these metaphors with rich biblical echoes and theological resonances that will inform and inspire Christian teachers everywhere.


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We are pleased to announce more than 100 books have resulted from CCCS support.

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