Each semester the Spanish department employs over 60 students as communication group leaders and tutors. Check out the opportunities to get involved below.

Communication group leaders

As a communication group leader, you will conduct half-hour weekly communication group sessions with pairs of students from Spanish 101-102, 121, 201-202, and 203. Your goal is to provide a relaxed, secure environment for students to speak Spanish and improve their verbal communication skills. Most group leaders conduct 4-8 groups per week. Native Spanish speakers lead communication groups for students taking Spanish 301 for half an hour and 302 for one hour per week.

Primary responsibilities

  • Prepare for each session using the required curriculum provided by the communication group coordinator.
  • Lead the students through the curriculum, encouraging responses and correcting errors when appropriate.
  • Evaluate the students' preparation and participation weekly after each session.
  • Report attendance problems immediately to the appropriate professor.
  • Submit written reports to the students' professors at the end of the semester.
  • Communicate with the communication group coordinator about any specific problems in the groups.

Necessary qualifications

  • Successful completion of Spanish 202 or 203. Preference given to students who have already studied in one of our Spanish programs abroad.
  • A positive recommendation from one of your Spanish professors.
  • Attendance at the training seminar, usually held the second Friday of the fall/spring semester.
  • A desire to promote Spanish speaking and a willingness to work with students and their difficulties in speaking the language.


As a tutor, you will provide students with one-on-one review assistance, which is available to any student in any class in the Spanish department.

Primary responsibilities

  • Meet with students in the tutoring rooms in the department for half-hour sessions, for which the student has signed up at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Be able to explain and demonstrate any grammatical structures with which the student is experiencing difficulty.
  • Review compositions (but not rewrite or translate) with students.
  • Assist faculty members with correcting objective quizzes, assembling instructional materials, and/or conducting an occasional class for a professor who is sick or at an academic meeting.

Necessary qualifications

  • At least 91% (A- or higher) on the final exams for both SPAN 301 and 302.
  • A positive recommendation from at least two professors in the department.
  • You should be an advanced student with demonstrated leadership ability who likes to work with people and who can explain the structures of the Spanish language clearly.
  • Attend a training seminar.
  • Commit at least two hours to the department every week.

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