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Program Information

Learn more about the BSW program

The bachelor of social work program (BSW) is composed of twelve courses and several social science cognate requirements. The social work major includes courses in social work theory, practice skills, policy analysis, and research, along with a field education experience in a human service agency.

Admission to the program

See BSW admission requirements and application materials.

Field Education

Learn more about the BSW field education requirement, download a field education application form and find agencies where you can fulfill your field education.

Program policies

Get information on: advising; retention in the BSW program; accommodations for students with disabilities; policies and procedures for academic or disciplinary probation or termination; compliance with other policies, laws and regulations; student appeals; student-initiated grievances; admission to practicum; student files; students' right to organize; course/faculty/program evaluation; transfer students; program state on non-discrimination


See requirements to graduate with honors in social work.


Find application forms for the BSW program and field education.

Download a handbook

Download and print a PDF handbook describing the BSW program at Calvin.

Major requirements

Find out what courses you'll have to take as a BSW student and see a sample four-year schedule.


See all courses offered by the social work department.