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Donors and recipient

You can apply for many different types of scholarships as a pre-med student.

Biology Department

The biology department has a pre-optometry scholarship that is donated by a number of optometrists practicing in West Michigan who received and are appreciative of their pre-optometry training at Calvin College. This scholarship is awarded each year to a pre-optometry student. Biology faculty work closely with the Scholarships and Financial Aid department to administer this scholarship.

Donor Funded (Named)

Many other pre-professional healthcare scholarships are awarded by the college. Thanks to the gifts of generous alumni and friends of the college, as a pre-medical, dental, PA, or veterinary student at Calvin you can benefit from a lot of scholarships especially designated for students like you. Scholarship decisions are based on competitive applications, GPA and faculty recommendations.

Calvin College

Calvin's general academic scholarships are awarded on the basis of your academic record and potential. Students are automatically considered for these scholarships at the time of admission. The Scholarship Committee begins its selection process in November and continues to make awards on a rolling basis.