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Astronomical Observatory: Cool Images

NGC Star Clusters, Nebulae, and Galaxies

The NGC, IC, and UGC catalogs list thousands of star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies in the northern hemisphere. Some of these objects have been photographed by Calvin students in courses and in independent projects, using the Calvin Observatory and the Calvin-Rehoboth Robotic Observatory. Click on any picture below to see a larger image and read more information about the object. As additional objects are photographed each semester, they will be added here.

NGC 128
Lenticular Galaxy

NGC 224
Andromeda Galaxy

NGC 253
Sculptor Spiral Galaxy

NGC 281
Diffuse Nebula

NGC 457
E. T. Open Cluster

NGC 470
Spiral Galaxy

NGC 474
Spiral Galaxy

NGC 869/884
Double Open Cluster

NGC 891
Spiral Galaxy

NGC 1055
Spiral Galaxy

NGC 1502
Kemble's Cascade Open Cluster

NGC 1579
Northern Trifid Diffuse Nebula

NGC 1977
Diffuse Nebula

NGC 2023
Diffuse Nebula

NGC 2024
Flame Diffuse Nebula

NGC 2158
Open Cluster

NGC 2244
Rosette Diffuse Nebula

NGC 2245
Diffuse Nebula

NGC 2261
Hubble's Variable Diffuse Nebula

NGC 2264
Christmas Tree Cluster/Nebula

NGC 2359
Thor's Helmet Diffuse Nebula

NGC 2392
Clown Face/Eskimo Planetary Nebula

NGC 2403
Spiral Galaxy

NGC 2419
Intergalactic Wanderer Globular Cluster

NGC 2537
Bear Paw Irregular Galaxy

NGC 2685
Helix Polar Galaxy

NGC 2841
Spiral Galaxy

NGC 2903
Spiral Galaxy

NGC 3003
Spiral Galaxy

NGC 3031
Helix Polar Galaxy

NGC3079 Galaxy
NGC 3079

NGC 3115
Spindle Spiral Galaxy
NGC 3184
Spiral Galaxy


NGC 3242
Ghost of Jupiter Planetary Nebula in Hydra

NGC 3344
Spiral Galaxy

NGC 3395/6
Colliding Galaxies

NGC 3628
Spiral Galaxy

NGC 3893

NGC 4038/9
Antennae Colliding Galaxies

NGC 4169
"The Box" Galaxy Group

NGC 4214
Irregular Galaxy

NGC 4244
Spiral Galaxy in Canes Venatici

NGC 4394
Barred Spiral Galxy

NGC 4431
Lenticular Galaxy

NGC 4435/8
Eyes Colliding Galaxies

NGC 4436
Dwarf Galaxy

NGC 4440
Barred Special Galaxy

NGC 4449
Irregular Galaxy

NGC 4526
Lost Spiral Galaxy

NGC 4559
Spiral Galaxy

NGC 4565
Spiral Galaxy in Coma Berenices

NGC 4567/8
Siamese Colliding Galaxies

NGC4656 irregular galaxy
NGC 4656
Irregular Galaxy

NGC 5322
Elliptical Galaxy

NGC 5866
Spiral Galaxy

NGC 5907
Spiral Galaxy

NGC 6144
Globular Cluster

NGC 6514
Trifid Nebula

NGC 6543
Cat's Eye Planetary Nebula

NGC 6818
Little Gem Planetary Nebula in Sagittarius

NGC 6819
Foxhead Open Cluster

NGC 6822
Barnard's Irregular Galaxy

NGC 6826
Blinking Planetary Nebula

NGC 6871
Open Cluster

NGC 6881

NGC 6888
Crescent Supernova Remnant in Cygnus

NGC 6914
Diffuse Nebula

NGC 6946
Fireworks Spiral Galaxy

NGC 6960
Western Veil Supernova Remnant

NGC 6992
Eastern Veil Supernova Remnant

NGC 6997
Young Open Star Cluster

NGC 7000
North America Diffuse Nebula

NGC 7008
Diffuse Nebula

NGC 7009
Saturn Planetary Nebula

NGC 7023
Iris Diffuse Nebula

NGC 7293
Helix Planetary Nebula

NGC 7317
Stephen's Quintet Galaxy Cluster

NGC 7331
Deer Lick Galaxy Cluster

NGC 7635
Bubble Diffuse Nebula

NGC 7662
Blue Snowball Planetary Nebula
NGC 7789
Open Cluster in Cassiopeia
Spiral Galaxy IC342
IC 342
Spiral Galaxy

IC 430
Diffuse Nebula

IC 434
Horsehead Nebula

IC 5070
Peilcan Nebula

IC 5146
Cocoon Nebula

UGC 4305
Holmberg II Irregular Galaxy



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