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ASTR 212 Imaging Projects
Spring 2017

Students in ASTR 212: Galactic Astronomy and Cosmology used the Calvin-Rehoboth Robotic Telescope in New Mexico for the images in this project. Each student made an observing plan, requesting up to 2 hours of data on their target galaxy. (This could potentially be images in different colors to make a full color picture, images at one color to get a more sensitive image, or images at different positions to make a mosaic.) Once the data were taken, students performed all the calibration steps to make their final image, and wrote a description.

Below are links to the students' projects. Click on any image below to see a bigger image with description and a detailed report about the astrophysics. You can then page from one full image to the next with the "Forward" and "Back" arrows at the top of the image pages.

Michaela Blain
Messier 104 Edge-on Disk Galaxy


Harshit Chauhan
Messier 106 Spiral Galaxy


Evan Cook
NGC 1569 Irregular Galaxy

NGC 1569

Brian DeVries
NGC 3718 Spiral Galaxy

NGC 3718

Thomas Dykstra
3C 273 Quasar

3C 273

Isaac Embertson
NGC 5055 Spiral Galaxy

NGC 5055

Kenton Greene
Messier 51 Spiral Galaxy


Travis Hanko
Messier 88 Spiral Galaxy


Ryan Johnson
Messier 64 Spiral Galaxy


Robert Lanser
NGC 891 Edge-on Disk Galaxy

NGC 891

Brad Lanser
NGC 1964 Spiral Galaxy

NGC 1964

Taylor Mulder
NGC 2366 Spiral Galaxy

NGC 3953

Will Niedbala
IC 342 Spiral Galaxy

IC 342

Brian Seper
NGC 2366 Dwarf Irregular Galaxy

NGC 2366

Melissa Sorrentino
NGC 2403 Spiral Galaxy

NGC 2403

Joel Stehouwer
NGC 3992
Spiral Galaxy

NGC 3992

Stephen Sykora
Messier 90 Spiral Galaxy


Theron Tjapkes
NGC 5866 Edge-on Disk Galaxy

NGC 5866

Alex VanKooten
Messier 81 Spiral Galaxy


Alastair Van Maren
Messier 101 Spiral Galaxy



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