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Astr212 Galaxy Projects
Spring 2011

Each student in Astr212: Extragalactic Astrornomy and Cosmology observed a particular galaxy in a telescope and wrote a comprehensive report. Select an image below to see a bigger image, read a description of the galaxy, and learn more about the astrophysics that makes it work. (You can also page from one full report to the next with the "Forward" and "Back" arrows at the top of each full page.)

Meredith Beukelman
M99 Spiral Galaxy
M99 Spiral galaxy

Matt de Wit
M108 Spiral Galaxy
M108 Spiral Galaxy

Joe Garbini
NGC4169 Galaxy Group "The Box"
NGC4169 Galaxy Group "The Box"

Jon Hofman
NGC 3003 Spiral Galaxy
NGC3003 Spiral Galaxy

Nathen Jen
M94 Spiral Galaxy
M94 Spiral Galaxy

Andrew Peoples
M109 Barred Spiral Galaxy M109 Barred Spiral Galaxy

David Sebald
NGC4244 Edge-On Spiral Galaxy "Silver Needle"NGC4244 Spiral Galaxy "Silver Needle"

Nick VanKlompenberg
M98 Spiral Galaxy

M98 Spiral Galaxy



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