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Astr112 Photography Projects, Fall 2007

Students in Astr112: Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe used the Calvin-Rehoboth Robotic Telescope in New Mexico for the images in this project. Each student made an observing plan, requesting up to 20 minutes of data on their target. This might be images in different colors to make a full color picture, images at one color to get a more sensitive image, or images at different exposure times to show both very bright and faint things. Once the data were taken, students performed all the calibration steps to make their final image, and wrote a description. Below is a list of the final images. Click on any image to see the full image with description. You can also page from one full image to the next with the "Forward" and "Back" arrows at the top of the image pages.

Little Dumbbell Nebula, Paige Alexander
Galaxies NGC474 and NGC470, Chantale Andree
Dumbbell Nebula, Kevin Chang
Blinking Planetary Nebula, Jordan Clegg
Galaxy M74, Dusty Cole
Galaxy NGC1055, James Dekens
Blinking Planetary Nebula, Logan Gingerich
Sculptor Galaxy, Elise Gray
Globular Cluster M2, Eric Grinwis
Open Star Cluster NGC6871, Matthew Hall
Galaxy M77, Kathryn Hendrickson
Fireworks Galaxy, Cedric Herman
Cocoon Nebula, Megan Hoekstra
Fireworks Galaxy, Brittney Isringhausen
Iris Nebula, Hannah Kett
Little Dumbbell Nebula, Zach Kimmel
Blue Snowball Nebula, Joel Kooistra
Crab Nebula, Michael Kornelis
ET Cluster, Chris Kostelec
Bubble Nebula, Amanda Kraker
Ring Nebula, Jacob Nydam
Deer Lick Group, Angie Parks
Cocoon Nebula, Nathaniel Schmidt
Galaxy NGC128, Michael Sottong
Northern Trifid Nebula, Kaitlin Swierenga
Planetary Nebula NGC7008, Eric Thayer
Orion Nebula, Julia Vander Molen
Open Star Clusters M35 and NGC2158, Julia Vander Molen
Crab Nebula, Michael Watson
E.T. Cluster, Jillie Wowk-Kennedy