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Astr111 Photography Projects
Fall 2011

Students in Astr111: The Solar System used the Calvin-Rehoboth Robotic Telescope in New Mexico for the images in this project. Each student made an observing plan, requesting up to 20 minutes of data on their target. (This might be images in different colors to make a full color picture, images at one color to get a more sensitive image, or images at different positions to make a mosaic image.) Once the data were taken, students performed all the calibration steps to make their final image, and wrote a description.

Below is a list of student projects. These include images of star clusters, nebuae, galaxies, and Jupiter. Click on any link below to see a full image with description. You can then page from one full image to the next with the "Forward" and "Back" arrows at the top of the image pages.

Merideth Beukelman, PLN85+4.1, Planetary Nebula
Kyle Boersen, NGC 1491, Emission Nebula
Elena Brubaker, M81, Spiral Galaxy
Matthew Bushouse, Wizard Nebula & NGC 7380, Emission Nebula & Open Cluster
Hannah Chee, NGC 7331, Spiral Galaxy
Courtney Cherry, NGC 7000 (North American Nebula), Emission Nebula
Bethany Conway, M33 (The Triangulum Galaxy), Spiral Galaxy
Andrew De Mann, Jupiter, Planet
Michaela Eagan, M32, Elliptical Galaxy
David Foster, NGC 1499, Emission Nebula
Jessica Hess, NGC 7331, Spiral Galaxy (& Galaxy Cluster)
Eric Kas, NGC 6960 (Western Veil Nebula), Supernova Remnant
Taylor King, NGC 281 (Pacman Nebula), Emission Nebula
Michael Koster, NGC 5995, Supernova Remnant
Aaron Meckes, NGC 246 (Skull Nebula), Planetary Nebula
Matthew Mulder, Veil Nebula , Supernova Remnant
William Postma, Caldwell C3 (Eastern Veil Nebula), Supernova Remnant
Rachael Reinholtz, IC 5134, Reflection Nebula
Margaret Robinson, M110, Elliptical Galaxy
Jessica Roubos, M110, Elliptical Galaxy
Bruce Sawinski, NGC 7635 (Bubble Nebula), Emission Nebula
Daniel Song, IC 5070 & 5067 (Pelican Nebula), Emission Nebula
Emily Steele, NGC 5866, Spiral Galaxy
Chad Westra, NGC 628, Spiral Galaxy



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