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Faculty: Andrew Vanden Heuvel

Andrew Vanden Heuvel, Online Instructor

Andrew Vanden
Online Instructor

Areas of interest

Astronomy, Education

Educational background

  • BS, Calvin College, 2004
  • MS, University of Florida, 2006

Professional history

  • Online Instructor, Calvin College, 2012-present
  • Part-time Instructor, Calvin College, 2010-2012
  • Teacher and Course Developer, Michigan Virtual School, 2009-present; named Michigan Virtual School's Online Teacher of the year November 2010.
  • High School Physics Teacher, The Prairie School, 2006-2008

Recent publications

  • Vanden Heuvel, A. (2010, July). The Day I Discovered. Sky and Telescope, 86.
  • Vanden Heuvel, A., Adamcyzk, M., Greene, B. (2009). Measuring the Distance Modulus of M35 with
    the SDSS Filter System. The RBSE Journal, 8(1), 35-41
  • Mahadevan, S., van Eyken, J., Ge, J., DeWitt, C., Fleming, S., Cohen, R., Crepp, J., Vanden Heuvel, A. (2008). Measuring Stellar Radial Velocities with a Dispersed Fixed-Delay Interferometer. The
    Astrophysical Journal, 678(2), 1505-1510.
  • Crepp, J., Vanden Heuvel, A., and Ge, J. (2007). Comparative Lyot Coronagraphy with Extreme
    Adaptive Optics Systems. The Astrophysical Journal, 661(2), 1323-1331.
  • Ge, J., van Eyken, J., Mahadevan, S., DeWitt, C., Kane, S., Cohen, R., Vanden Heuvel, A., and 13
    coauthors. (2006). The First Extrasolar Planet Discovered with a New-Generation High-Throughput
    Doppler Instrument. The Astrophysical Journal, 648(1), 683-695.



Additional information

Andrew works with the Michigan Virtual School and was recently named the Michigan Online Teacher of the Year

Andrew is also the founding director of AGL Initiatives