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Faculty: Jim Jadrich

Jim Jadrich, professor, science education and physics

Jim Jadrich616-526-6409
Office: North Hall 052C

Educational background

  • BS, University of California, Fresno, 1982
  • PhD, physics, University of California, Davis, 1991

Professional history

  • Professor of science education and physics, Calvin College, 2001–present
  • Assistant and associate professor of science education and physics, Calvin College, 1992–2001
  • Science teacher, Mount Evelyn Christian School, Victoria, Australia, 1996–97
  • Education program leader, Education Office, Fermi National Accelerator Lab, 1994–95
  • Assistant professor, Calvin College, 1992–94

Research interests

  • The development of scientific reasoning skills and strategies in students.
  • Implementation of integrated process skills in science curricula.
  • Development of a Christian teachers college in West Africa.

Recent publications

Jadrich, J. & Bruxvoort, C. (2013) Confusion in the classroom about the natures of science and technology: Implications for scientific & technological literacy. In M. Clough, J. Olson, & D. Neiderhauser (Eds.) The nature of technology: Implications for teaching, learning and teacher education, (pp. 411-426). Boston, MA: Sense Publishing.

Bruxvoort, C., & Jadrich, J. (2013). A Cognitive Perspective on Conceptual Change in Science. In K. Finson, & J. Pedersen (Eds.), Visual Data and Their Use in Science Education, Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.

Harkema, J., Jadrich, J., and Bruxvoort, C. (2012). Science and Engineering. In E. Brunsell (Ed.) Integrating Engineering and Science In Your Classroom (pp. 7-12) Arlington, VA: National Science Teachers Association.

James Jadrich and Crystal Bruxvoort, Learning & Teaching Scientific Inquiry: Research and Applications (NSTA press, National Science Teachers Association), 2011.

Jadrich, J., and C. Bruxvoort. (2010) Investigating Diffusion and Entropy with Carbon Dioxide-Filled Balloons. The Physics Teacher, Vol. 48 (6): 388-390.

Harkema, J., Jadrich, J., and Bruxvoort, C. (2009) "Science and Engineering: Two models of laboratory investigation. The Science Teacher, 76(9), 27-31. Download article (147 kb pdf).

Sportel, S., Bruxvoort, C., and Jadrich, J. (2009) "Seeing the Light: An alternate model for introducing upper elementary students to light." Science and Children, 47 (4): 37-41. Download article (814 kb image).




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