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Joel Carpenter, select publications


Co-editor, with Perry Glanzer and Nicholas Lantinga. Christian Higher Education: A Global Reconnaissance. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2014.

Co-editor, with Kevin den Dulk. Christianity and Public Life in China: Religion, Society and the Rule of Law. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014.

Editor,Walking Together: Christian Thinking and Public Affairs, in South Africa. Abilene, TX: ACU Press, 2012. 

Co-editor, with Lamin Sanneh. The Changing Face of Christianity: Africa, the West, and the World. Oxford University Press, 2005.

Revive Us Again: The Reawakening of American Fundamentalism. Oxford University Press, 1997. Finalist, Christianity Today 1998 Book of the Year Award. Paperback edition, 1999.

Articles and Book Chapters

“Christian Thinking in an Age of World Christianity: Fresh Opportunities for Theology in the West,” in Seeing New Facets of The Diamond: Christianity as a Universal Faith: Essays in Honour of Kwame Bediako, edited by Gillian Bediako, Ben Quarshie, and J Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu (Oxford: Regnum Books, 2014), 118-131.

“What’s New about the New Evangelical Social Engagement?” In The New Evangelical Social Engagement, edited by Brian Steensland and Philip Goff (Oxford University Press, 2014), 265-279.
“New Christian Universities and the Conversion of Cultures.” Evangelical Review of Theology 36:1 (January 2012): 14-30.

Co-authored with Perry Glanzer and Nicholas Lantinga, "Looking for God in the University: Examining Trends in Christian Higher Education.” Higher Education 61:6 (2011): 721-755.
"Christian Higher Education as a Worldwide Movement.” Journal of Latin American Theology 3:1 (2008): 71-98.

"New Evangelical Universities: Cogs in a World System or Players in a New Game?” In Interpreting Contemorary Christianity: Global Processes and Local Identities, edited by Obgu U. Kalu and Alaine Low. Eerdmans, 2008. Also published in two parts in the International Journal of Frontier Missions, 20:2 (Summer 2003): 55-65, and 20:3 (Fall 2003): 23-30.

"The Christian Scholar in an Age of World Christianity.” In Christianity and the Soul of the University, edited by Douglas V. Henry. (Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2006), 65-84.