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News and Events: Seminars

Seminar schedule

Join the geology, geography and environmental studies department for special lectures and presentations on a variety of topics in the geosciences.

  • Select Fridays
  • Time: 3:30 p.m.
  • Location: North Hall 078 unless otherwise noted
  • Refreshments provided


Spring 2017 Seminars

Friday, February 10 - Stephanie Bradshaw
"Land Maintenance: Volunteer vs. Paid Employment"

Friday, February 10 - Daniel Blakemore
"Trace Metals in Michigan Native Copper"

Friday, February 24 - Marisha Addison, Alicia Dejong
GEO Seminar

Friday, March 3 - Roger Wiens
"Exploring Mars with Curiousity"

Friday, March 10 - Michael Vanden Berg
“Exploring Utah’s Other Great Lake: What Great Salt Lake Can Tell Us About Ancient Lake Uinta”

Friday, March 31 - Joint MSDO / GEO Seminar Panel
"Housing and Gentrification in Grand Rapids"

Friday, April 21 - Joint GEO/Eco Presereve/Bio Seminar - Paul Seelbach, Supervisory Ecologist, Midwest Region, and Coastal Ecosystems Branch Chief, USGS, Ann Arbor
"A New Focus on the Freshwater Coast"

Friday, April 28 - Kyle Bradshaw, Seth Haase, Noah Schumerth
GEO Seminar

Friday, May 5 - Mike Workman
"Being Stewards of the (Built) Environment" - Designing working places to increase our health, wellness, and productivity. Using best practices to create sustainable futures.


Past Seminars

Spring 2016 seminars

Friday, February 19 - Ms. Emma H Devries, Duke University
"Climate Ethics as if #BlackLivesMatter: Mapping Race, Place, and Spatial Justice in Environmental Theology"

Friday, February 26 - Dr. Andy McCoy, Hope College
"Why Geographers Should Study Worship Music"

THURSDAY, April 14 - Dr. James Clark, Wheaton College
"Inexpensive geophysical instruments for water exploration in developing nations"

Friday, April 22 - Dr. Randy Van Dragt & Ms. Jeanette Henderson
"30 Years of the Ecosystem Preserve at Calvin College"
*Given in Bunker Interpretive Center*

Friday, May 6 - Ms. Alissa Paquette & Ms. Alicia DeJong, Calvin College
"Title Pending" Theme - Student Research

Fall 2015 seminars

Friday, September 11 - Dr. Ralph Stearley, Calvin College
" The History of Salmons, Trout, Char in Western Norht America During the Past 20 Million Years"
*Bonus talk given outside the department at 1:30 in Science Building 010

Friday, September 25 - Mr. Tony Burrell
"Welcoming the Stranger: The In's and Out's of a Non-Profit Startup to Immigrant Populations in Chicagoland"

Friday, October 2 - Dr Mark Bjelland, Calvin College
"The Journey-to-Worship: Insights into the Geographies of Church Life"

Friday, October 9 - Ms. Kathryn Gerber
"Insights from a GEO-related Summer Internship: Research Experiences, Timeline, and More!"

Friday, October 16 - Dr. Jason VanHorn, Calvin College
"Getting into Graduate School in the GeoSciences"

Friday, October 23 - Annaka Scheers, Charlotte Reynolds, Janaya Crevier, Matthew Raybaud
"The Plaster Creek Story, Sports Geography, Dutch Atlas Creation"

Friday, October 30- Dr. Joel Westra
Topic: Global Security.

Friday, November 6- Dr. William Payne
"Water in Developing Countries"

Friday, November 13- Dr. Kevin den Dulk
Topic: Persecuted Church

Friday, November 20- Mr. Stu Dykstra
"Geological Pursuits of Water in Haiti"

Thursday, December 10- Various Students
"FYRES Research Fall 2015"

Spring 2015 seminars

Friday, February 6 - Dr. Ralph Stearley, Calvin College
"The Rise of Deluge Geology: Calvin Tossed By Waves"
*Science Building 010

Thursday, February 12 - Jonathan Schmitkons, Ph.D. Candidate at SUNY-Binghamton
"The Deposition, Transport, and Fate of Traffic Derived Pollutants in an Urban Corridor"

Thursday, February 19 - Dr. C. Renee Sparks, Northwest Missouri State University
"Field Geology of the British Isles: Research and Development of Field Exercises in Scotland"

Thursday, February 26 - TBD

Thursday, March 5 - Dr. Cheryl Verbree, Calvin College
"Between a Rock and a Soft Place: How Hard Rock Geology Matters to Related Disciplines and International Development"

Thursday, March 12 - FYRES Mentors
"The Latest Dune Research"

Friday, March 27 - Vashan Wright, Ph.D. Candidate at Southern Methodist University
"Assessing Geohazards Near Kingston, Jamaica: Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Slope Failure and Liquefaction Events"

Friday, April 17 - Chip Richards, Grand Rapids Whitewater

Friday, May 8 - Brianna Marshall, Jason Van Horn
Student Thesis Project
"The Dunes Inventory Mapping Program"

Fall 2014 seminars

Friday, September 26 - Ian Noyes, Brian Hilbrands and Audrey Hughey, Joel Betts
Summer Student Research

Friday, October 3 - Suzanne Schulz, Planning Director, City of Grand Rapids
"Building a Sustainable City"

Friday, October 10 - Dave Koetje, Sunshine Cahill, Janaya Crevier, Sarah Hofman, Katy Gerber
"Community Gardens"

Friday, October 24 - Dr. Mike DeVivo, Geography Department, Grand Rapids Community College
"A Tale of Duplicity and Deception in American Geography"

Friday, November 14 - Dr. Deanna van Dijk, Calvin College
"Why do Michigan Dunes Change?"

Friday, November 21 - Chris Christensen, Hydrogeologist, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
"Applied Environmental Geology from a DEQ Regulator's Perspective -- Case Studies and Q/A"

Thursday, December 4 - FYRES Student Research Presentations
*This seminar will start at 2:00PM, not our normal 3:30 PM

Spring 2014 seminars

Tuesday, March 4 - Dr. Roger Wiens - SB110 @ 3:45PM
"Exploring Mars with the Curiosity Rover and its Laser" (Note this is a Tuesday seminar and expected time to be 3:45 in SB110)

Friday, March 7 - Mr. John Ebers
"West Michigan Bee Keeping: History, Perspectives, and Environmental Stewardship"

Friday, March 14 - Dr. Jason E. VanHorn, Natasha Strydhorst, Cassidy Richard, David Doud, Peter Cahill, Deanna Geelhoed, Katie Burkley, and Annaka Scheeres
"Bee Keeping @ Calvin College"

Friday, April 25 - Mr. Chris Maike
"Geological Observations"

Several other presentations are awaiting confirmation

Fall 2013 seminars

Friday, September 27- Jason VanHorn, Calvin College Geography Department
"All the Secrets of Graduate School You SHould Know: Prep, GRE's, Letters, and Funding"

Friday, October 4- Joel Boot, Christian Reformed Church of North America
"Egyptian Politics and Christians Living in a Muslim World"

Friday, October 8- Dr. Stanley Vitton, Michigan Technological university: Civil and Environmental Engineering and Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences
"Glacial Geology of the Ontonagon River"

Friday, October 18 - Gabe LePage and Lucas Vander Bilt
"Thin Soil in South Gondar" (LePage), "Investigation of the Syndicate Park Subdivision Dune Area" (Vander Bilt)

Friday, October 25- Bill SooHoo and Chengbi Liu
"Mapping Plaster Creek and Application Construction"

Friday, November 1- Phil Gersmehl, Central Michigan University
"What neuroscience tells up about spatial thinking, GIS design, and geographic education"

Friday, November 8 - Dr. Gerry VanKooten, Calvin College Geology Department
"Drilling Black Gold in Alaska"

Spring 2013 seminars

Friday, February 8 - Brian Ferwerda, University of South Florida, Geology Department
"Spatial Analysis of Volcanology"

Friday, March 8 - Yirgalem Habtemariam, Calvin College, Geology, Geography, and Environmental Studies Department
"Manipulating the Rule”: Understanding Informal Urban Land Transaction in African Cities"

Monday, March 11 - Jane Stadler
"Landscape and the Western Genre in Australian Cinema" (Note: this seminar will be at 3:30pm in the Commons Alumni Board Room)

Tuesday, March 26 - Adam Koster
"Predicting Hazards in the Los Tuxtlas Volcanic Field, Veracruz, Mexico" (Note: this seminar will be at 3:30pm in North Hall 078)

Friday, April 5 - PJ Hill
"The Not-So-Wild, West West"

Friday, April 19 - FYRES Mentors
"Undergraduate Research Experiences - Dunes, Dunes, Dunes"

Friday, April 25 - FYRES Mentors
"Undergraduate Research Experiences - Dunes, Dunes, Dunes" (continued)

Friday, April 26 - Ryan Bebej
"Fossil Evidence for the Evolutionary History of Whales"


For information on seminars prior to Spring of 2013, contact Nellie Anderson-Wright at